I don’t believe you need to become a Navy SEAL just to have real personal security!

If you’re like most people I know, you and your family simply want to lead a happy and safe life. You want to take some responsibility for your own personal security because you know that even the best, most conscientious police officers can’t be stationed outside your door or follow you around all day.

At the same time you also have to live and work in the real world, where looking and acting out of place isn’t just unacceptable, it might actually bring you unwanted attention.

Believe it or not, real personal security training is hard to find!

Most of what passes for personal security, self protection and family security information doesn’t really prepare you for the threats you might face — and you can bet there are a lot of people in the defensive training business who are mad at me for saying so!

The defensive training  industry often approaches self defense by assuming everyone can dress and act like a soldier. It’s hard to find personal security and defensive training information that deals with the “real world” — like how to carry a self-protection firearm in a professional environment, how to use it effectively inside an office or a church, what to do during a natural disaster, how to avoid danger while traveling, or even how to conceal personal security tools and still remain fashionable enough that no one notices!

I’ve got the self defense information you need!

That’s where I can help! Despite my training and background in this business, I’m not some tactical ninja; I’m a regular person, just like you. I take my training about how to prepare and defend myself and adapt it to real life, so that I can keep myself safe and still fit in with the rest of polite society. I don’t dress like an extra in a police drama because I’ve learned how to carry the defensive tools I need while not sticking out like a sore thumb.

More importantly, I can teach you how to carry, use and practice with the knowledge and tools you’re actually going to have with you when a personal security crisis happens. I can help you to develop the skills you really need as a private citizen in a self defense or family protection situation, as opposed to those of a police officer or a soldier. The skills you need are different than what they need!

Here’s how you can start!

How do you get this critical personal security information and develop those important self defense skills? With the resources on this site! In fact, this site is dedicated to helping make you and your family more prepared, more resilient, and more able to deal with life-altering events. Whether it’s about your own personal security, home protection, family protection, or travel safety, I can help!

First, read my blogs; there are two basic categories, which you can see in the main menu at the top of the page: the first, Personal Safety and Training, has the information you want about how to stay safe, about the skills you need to develop, and all kinds of fact and informed opinion on the world of personal defense.

The other  “side” of the blog deals with Firearms & Technical information; that’s where you’ll find specific details on guns, ammunition, the firearms industry, and more — all written by an “industry insider”!

That’s not all, though! Check out the more detailed information available in my Information Store: books, DVDs, and videos about leading a more secure and self-reliant lifestyle. I’m adding things to the store as fast as I can, so check back frequently and see what’s new!

The Store doesn’t contain just my works, either — I also have quality material from other experts in the field, material that I’ve found useful and can recommend to you with a clear conscience.

Finally, check out my Take a Class pages; you can learn a lot from books and videos, but ultimately  there’s no substitute for getting expert, hands-on lessons to help you quickly and reliably develop the skills you’ll likely need in the event of a threat to your life. I teach classes at various locations around the country, and you can check the Calendar to find out just when and where.

Welcome to your new self-reliant lifestyle!

Your journey to living a safer, more secure life begins with being armed: with knowledge, skills, and the appropriate tools. Buying a gun won’t necessarily keep you safe — but knowing when, why and how to use a firearm in defense of yourself and your loved ones can go a long way to making sure that you’re never a victim. You can learn all of that right here, but it’s up to you to take that first step toward true personal security!