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New year, exciting new product announcement!

I’ve been looking forward to this day for over 15 years. I honestly have.

Long-time readers of this blog already know my views on lubricants for firearms. (For those who are new, click here for the article.)

Because of what I learned writing that article, for the last decade and a half I’ve used and publicized Lubriplate grease and oil for firearms. Over those years I’ve used their SFL grease and FMO oil on my own guns, and when I was in the gunsmithing business I used them on my customer’s guns as well. They proved to be superb products, with some unique benefits other lubricants didn’t have.

Because of their performance, I told everyone I knew about Lubriplate; I sang their praises and explained how their products were better than everything else on the market. There was, however, one little problem: they were impossible to purchase!

There was this little problem…

Lubriplate is an industrial lubricant manufacturer, and they naturally make their products in industrial quantities. This meant that, at the time I wrote the article, the smallest container of SFL grease was a 5-gallon bucket! No one uses that much gun grease in a lifetime, and so those who wanted to try their products out needed to find someone who would repackage and sell a small quantity. Such people were few and far between, and even I struggled to maintain my own supply.

In the meantime, I was pestering Lubriplate to package those products in consumer-friendly sizes. They must have gotten tired of my emails (and all the other emails I was encouraging my readers and students to send.) 

Now for the good news!

I say that because I was recently retained by Lubriplate to help them bring their SFL grease and FMO oil to the shooting community, and in consumer-friendly sizes. It took some time to design and implement consumer packaging, but we got it done — and you can buy them right now, direct from Lubriplate!

Click here to go to the Lubriplate store.

Grease, oil, and combo packs are available now. Later this year, you should start to see Lubriplate SFL Gun Grease and FMO Gun Oil in major outdoor retailers nationwide. Look for these packages:

I hope you’ll take advantage of this new opportunity, and try out the only oil and grease I’ve used on my own guns for more than 15 years: Lubriplate!

-=[ Grant ]=-

  • Posted by Grant Cunningham
  • On January 4, 2022
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