I have no social media accounts; all purported ones are fake.

I believe that your life is precious: not only to you, but especially to your loved ones — the people who depend on you for friendship, support, companionship, and guidance. I take the role of helping you build your resilient life very seriously.

Because of this deep belief, on this site you’re not going to find me playing fast and loose with the information I give you. I pride myself on my research and analytical abilities, and I look for the information which is valuable to you and the life you lead. I focus on highlighting real skills, for real people, living real lives.

If you came here looking for the latest “tactical” techniques or out of a desire to play Special Forces for a weekend, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Camouflage and army boots aren’t part of what I do, because I really doubt they’re a part of what you do every day!

You’ll also notice that there are no outside ads on my site. If you see a product here, or if I talk about a product, it’s because I use it (or want to use it) myself. I endorse those products because I’ve purchased them with my own money after spending a lot of effort to find the best for whatever application I have. You can trust that if you hear about it from me, I use it myself and have spent my own money to buy it, or I personally know people who have. (There are, after all, some things I neither need nor desire, but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t benefit from them. In those cases, I ask people I can trust for their opinions.)

Sometimes when I recommend a product, I’ll provide a link to the company or a vendor (such as Amazon) where you can buy it. These will sometimes be an affiliate or referral link that pays me a small commission should you decide to buy the product. The referral costs you no money, and does not increase the price you pay. 

I will never do something sleazy like recommending a product simply because it pays a commission, and if I ever get a product from a manufacturer in order to test it, I’ll disclose that — and then give you an honest review of how it performed and what I think about it. That’s my pledge: honest, authoritative information that you can trust!