I have no social media accounts; all purported ones are fake.

Welcome to my world!

I’m Grant Cunningham. For the last couple of decades, my focus has been building a calmer, more peaceful life for myself and my wife — and to help others do the same.

Some years ago, I had an experience that left me with the sudden knowledge that I wasn’t well prepared for the hazards of modern life — and the feeling that I’d never achieve inner calm without being ready for them. From this revelation came an interest in preparedness and all that it includes: disaster readiness, self defense, financial stability, food sufficiency, information security, communications, and so on.

Along the way I discovered something else: pursuing preparedness ultimately brings you to a fork in the road. One way — the one far too many people choose — can lead to paranoia, fanaticism (religious or political), and isolation.

The other way leads to calmness, health, self awareness, and real security.

This second way, as it happens, is harder and is therefore less frequently chosen. It requires more attention, more introspection, and greater self control. But the payout is worth it.

Just so we’re clear, I’m no guru! I haven’t reached some advanced state of enlightenment that serves as a beacon for others. I’ve had up days and down days, but on those up days I experience the benefit of building a positively resilient life. My goal now is to increase the number of those happy days, and reduce the number of anxiety-filled days. And I’m succeeding!

My students have referred to me as “thoughtful” and “a voice of reason”, as compared to the strident, divisive, and unrealistic voices typically found in the worlds of preparedness and self defense. I consider that a high honor, and strive everyday to be worthy of that praise.

I hope you’ll join me on this wonderful journey to a more secure, more resilient, and ultimately happier life!