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Got a new Glock 43? Looking for holsters and maybe sights??

Got a new Glock 43? Looking for holsters and maybe sights??

The 9mm Glock 43 may be new on the market, but it’s already getting a lot of attention from both shooters and accessory makers. Here’s how to find out what’s available for this new “mini-9”!

The introduction of the single-stack, striker-fired 9mm Glock 43 pistol has been hard to miss. Everyone’s been talking about it and Glock even held a special event at the recent NRA Annual Meeting to introduce their latest pistol to the gun media. (Heck, even I got an invitation to the event — which I couldn’t take advantage of, since I’d already booked plane tickets and didn’t arrive in town until after the event had ended!)

In case you missed it, Paul Carlson found himself faced with a unique opportunity during that media event and mutual friend Richard Johnson wrote a superb article about the encounter at his blog, Guns Holsters & Gear. It’s a great read about what makes the 43 unique (particularly if you know someone who’s considering the new Glock as a first gun!)So, let’s say that you (or someone you know) has just gotten their new Glock and now needs a holster for it. It’s so new that a lot of companies don’t yet have holsters to fit (and it doesn’t fit holsters made for any other Glock pistol.) Where can you go to find out about what’s available?

Richard comes to the rescue with his page devoted to Glock 43 holsters. He’s doing his best to keep up with the rapidly changing market for holsters that fit the Model 43 (but if you happen to know of a holster that isn’t on his list, perhaps you could drop him a note and let him know?)

He’s also started a similar page to list all of the sights available to fit the Glock 43. A lot of people don’t like the plastic Glock sights, or don’t care for the “ball and tray” sight picture that Glock has always used, or perhaps just want something that glows in the dark. No matter what your sight preferences, Richard is doing his best to keep track of all of the Glock 43 sights that are being made. (Again, if you know of something not on his list please help everyone else out by letting him know!)

Believe it or not, Glock revealed that in the first year of availability they sold more than 200,000 of the .380ACP Glock 42. The 43, chambered in the more popular 9mm round, will no doubt eclipse that easily. Their new pistol will surely prove to be a favorite of concealed carriers everywhere — and those CCW holders are going to need the holsters and sights that are listed at Guns, Holsters & Gear!

How about helping them out by sharing this information?

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  • On April 27, 2015
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