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What’s in MY holster? Nothing esoteric – just solid, reliable guns.

What’s in MY holster? Nothing esoteric – just solid, reliable guns.

I get many emails asking what I carry on a daily basis. While my choices are mine alone, and aren’t meant to be prescriptive for you, why I choose certain items may be of some help to you.

As most probably already know (or, from the pictures on this site, have managed to guess) I often carry a revolver. Not 100% of the time, mind you; there are many instances when I carry an autoloader, and have done so for many years. A careful analysis of the likely risk of the environment determines what type of handgun I carry. Most of the time the risk profile favors the revolver, so that’s what I carry. When I do carry an auto, it’s historically been a Glock 19 or a Steyr S9 (the latter fitting my hand far better.)

Over the years I’ve carried many different revolvers. My favorite remains the Colt Detective Special for its combination of size and capacity. As I’ve lamented many times, it’s a shame that the ultra compact 6-shot revolver is now a thing of the past. There is nothing on the market which has that combination of attributes.

I still occasionally carry a Colt, but it’s been largely replaced by a S&W Model 42 or 642. The lightweight 5-shooters are great for pocket carry, and though I have belt holsters I rarely carry them that way. One of my favorite carry methods is a “belly band” holster worn so that the gun is under the armpit – much like a shoulder holster. With a dress shirt and tie on it is completely concealed.

Those are the exceptions, however. The majority of the time I carry a revolver you’ll find a GP100 in my belt holster. The reason is simple: the Ruger guns simply have fewer failure points than any other revolver. There are no screws to back out, no extractor rods to come loose, they rarely develop timing problems, and firing pin breakages are virtually unknown. (I LocTite all screws and extractor rods on all revolvers as a general procedure, but sometimes even that doesn’t work.) With a bit of work the Ruger’s triggers are as good as can be found anywhere, and their reputation for strength is unmatched. The guns simply run, and in my mind that’s A Good Thing.

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  • Posted by Grant Cunningham
  • On July 14, 2010

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