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Foreign ammunition plus your gun equals ignition troubles?

Foreign ammunition plus your gun equals ignition troubles?

I’ve gotten a number of inquiries over the past few months regarding ignition troubles in otherwise stock revolvers.

As ammunition prices continue their climb, many enthusiasts find their budgets strained. In order to continue shooting, those who do not reload their own ammo have been looking at less expensive options for feeding their guns. Brands like Fiocchi and Sellier & Bellot (“S&B”), brands that didn’t have many takers a couple of years ago, are now being featured at many sporting goods outlets.

For the most part there is nothing wrong, from a quality control standpoint, with this ammunition. It must be remembered, though, that many foreign ammunition companies do not have the range of cartridge components that we do. Since much (if not most) of their production is often military contract, they are known use the same components for their commercial products – said components to include primers.

Military specifications, regardless of country, usually require a certain level of slam-fire resistance, which necessitates heavier primer cups. Those thicker, harder primers can be more difficult to ignite in firearms that expect to see a “civilian” (more sensitive) primer. It’s no wonder, then, that ignition problems with Fiocchi and S&B ammunition are being seen; it’s not that the ammo is “bad”, but rather that the components used are intended for guns with more robust firing systems!

If you’re using foreign ammunition, and your stock firearm is proving to be a bit unreliable, don’t blame the gun. Try some “normal” (read: American produced) ammo – I’ll bet it returns to 100% function.

(You say that using U.S. ammunition will cut into your shooting activities because of the cost? Well, it’s time to learn how to reload your own – it’s easy, fun, and economical!)

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  • Posted by Grant Cunningham
  • On February 20, 2008

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