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What is it with the reloading press fanatics?

What is it with the reloading press fanatics?

Funny thing…the other day, Tamara posted this rant about brand fanaticism over at her blog. The subject popped up again this week in a different context.

I’d popped in to a couple of the reloading forums to ask a question about dies (I’m considering new ones.) Reading through some of the past posts on the boards would lead one to believe that there is a Reloading Press Jihad going on! Take a look for yourself sometime…the subject is getting very close to joining religion and politics as something one does not discuss in polite company!

The invective, blind loyalty, outright falsehoods, tall tales…the only thing missing is “let’s take it outside, fella!”

This is particularly interesting to me, for as it happens I’ve owned a progressive press from each of the three major brands. The Dillon and Lee presses I used for more than 30,000 rounds each, while my new Hornady is a baby – only about 10k so far. This gives me sufficient experience, I think, to quote a perennial South Park line: “I’ve learned something today!”

You see, no currently available progressive press is of terribly high quality when compared to, say, a Star Universal or an RDP Reloading Tool. They simply aren’t. Anyone who has ever used one of the latter can easily see that the design, material choice, and construction quality of even the best presses made today pale in comparison. It seems to me that arguing about whether Lee, Dillon, RCBS, or Hornady is the “best” is a little like arguing who has the best deck chair on the Titanic!

The only thing keeping me from buying a used Star is simply the availability of parts and accessories. I’m waiting for someone – maybe Spolar, or Ponsness-Warren, or even Redding – to build a progressive reloading press of equivalent quality to what was available just a couple of decades ago. I’d love to own a truly high end, built-to-outlast-me progressive reloading press with modern features and factory support. Until then, these arguments about reloading presses are about as interesting as watching paint dry – and you can take your pick of blue, red, or green!

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  • Posted by Grant Cunningham
  • On November 14, 2006

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