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Shooters Guide To Handguns cover

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Shooter’s Guide To Handguns

Are you new to the world of handguns? Don’t know how to choose, or even what all the various kinds are best for? That’s why I wrote this classic guide to all things handgun!

Shooter’s Guide To Handguns starts at the beginning: looking at some of the great handgun designs, and their designers. Then it gets right into the meat and shows you what you need to know to pick the one that’s right for you!

You’ll find great information about:

  • How to pick the handgun that’s just right for your needs, whatever they may be
  • The various ways in which handguns operate: single action, double action, revolver, semiautomatic, and even break-barrel
  • Demystifying the confusing world of calibers and cartridges
  • Buying ammunition — including all of the various bullet types available
  • Handgun shooting techniques (and why there are so many)
  • How to use handgun sights, and what options are available
  • Customizing the handgun for specific uses
  • Buying a used handgun (and what to watch out for!)
  • Plus great information on responsible storage, how to dryfire properly, and even how to mount a scope for handgun hunting!

…and much more!

It doesn’t matter whether you want a handgun for self defense, hunting, competition, or just plinking with friends: Shooter’s Guide To Handguns will put all of the expert information you need at your fingertips so that you can make the right choice for you!