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Protecting Your Homestead: Using a Rifle to Defend Life on Your Property

If you own a rifle for self defense, this new book is your best guide to using it responsibly and effectively to protect yourself, your family, and life on your homestead!

Unlike most books written about the defensive rifle, Protecting Your Homestead looks at how to use a rifle beyond what is generally considered handgun range. Instead of teaching you how to use the rifle inside the home, Protecting Your Homestead shows you how to use it for the job it was designed to do — defending yourself and your loved ones at a distance, quickly and accurately.

Self defense in the country, or on a homestead, is different than it is in the suburbs. If you live in he country or on acreage, you have to worry about threats to both your family and your livestock — and the potential attackers include both two- and four-legged predators.

Instead of dealing with an intruder across the room, you might be dealing with a predator across the yard — or across the field. And instead of you being the victim (or being in close proximity to the victim), the life you’re protecting may be a lot closer to the attacker than it is to you.

This is where the defensive rifle comes into its own. The rifle is the tool to use when you need precision and power at a distance. This kind of defense — which I call “perimeter defense” — is what this book is all about.

There’s a big difference between using the rifle inside your home and outside, against an attacker at longer distances. It’s one most defensive shooting books have ignored — until now!

Inside the book you’ll learn:

  • how to pick the right rifle for the job of perimeter defense
  • the best and most flexible calibers
  • what ammunition is best for defense
  • specific information on handling the most common types of rifles
  • how to zero your rifle (and why it’s important)
  • choosing and using sights and optics
  • shooting positions, from fastest to most stable
  • what “trading time for precision” means to your shooting
  • how to properly store, retrieve and move with your rifle to the threat
  • how to get to your first shot more quickly and accurately
  • …and much more!

Protecting Your Homestead is available in Kindle and paperback from Amazon, and for your iOS device at the Apple iBooks Store. If you live in the country, or plan to, this is the defensive rifle book you need!