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Handgun Training Cover

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Handgun Training: Practice Drills for Defensive Shooting

This is your go-to-the-shooting-range companion!

Ever head out to practice your defensive shooting skills only to wonder if there’s more than just plinking at a bulls-eye? Ever left a class not knowing how to practice the skills you just learned? Ever wondered how to develop the essential shooting skills you need without worrying about the stuff that doesn’t matter?

This is the book for you! In Handgun Training: Practice Drills for Defensive Shooting I show you not just the most important skills and concepts to practice, but HOW to practice them to get the most value out of your training time and energy!

In this book you’ll learn:

  • What you need to practice — and why
  • Why visualization is so important to developing self defense skills
  • What targets to pick for your most efficient skill development
  • When to use a timer — and when not to
  • The importance of a training partner
  • Why most shooting drills really don’t develop defensive skills

And most importantly: a big selection of my favorite defensive shooting drills, with complete instructions: the reason for the drill, what specific skill it’s designed to develop, how to do the drill properly, how to interpret your results, and typical problems you might encounter — along with tips to get past them and boost your performance!

Read it at home, then take it to the range — it’s like having your own personal instructor right there with you!