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Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

I’m a huge fan of the double-action revolver as a self defense tool! I’ve studied the revolver extensively, carried one for self defense for more than two decades, and even learned how to modify them for better performance. When I went looking for books on how to use the revolver in self defense I found very few really good editions, so I wrote my own! Everything I know about using the double action revolver has gone into this comprehensive book.

In Defensive Revolver Fundamentals you’ll be able to step inside my world and learn how to run the revolver like a pro. It doesn’t matter what brand or barrel length, you’ll learn how to operate your revolver in the context of a self-defense incident.

I’ll show you:

  • The revolver’s surprising advantages as a defensive tool
  • Why you should fit the revolver to your hand
  • Your body’s natural reactions to a dangerous threat — and why you need to account for them in training
  • What accuracy and precision really mean and how they affect your shooting reponses
  • The proper way to grasp the revolver for rapid double-action shooting
  • Using the revolver’s sights and how to manage those that are less than ideal
  • Drawing your revolver (and why you should be moving when you do so)
  • How to reload your revolver efficiently — and probably surprise your friends how quickly you can do it
  • How to choose a good defensive training course
  • and most importantly how to control the revolver’s trigger — the most valuable skill you can learn!

…and you’ll find much more packed into the pages of this book!

The “six shooter” isn’t obsolete, and I’ll show you just why it isn’t! If you have a revolver in your house, or if you carry one for self defense, Defensive Revolver Fundamentals will teach you how to use it properly, efficiently, and effectively!