My Books on Self Defense & Personal Security

Handgun Training:

Practice Drills for Defensive Shooting

The tools you need to practice your relevant defensive shooting skills! Not just another book of drills, this book tells you the WHY of each exercise along with how to correctly interpret your performance. A reality-based way to maximize your range time!

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

The only comprehensive guide to defensive revolver training! It starts with defensive sooting concepts, shows you specific revolver skills, then helps you combine them so that you can use your revolver effectively if your’e attacked. The “six-shooter” isn’t obsolete, and this book will prove it to you!

Defensive Pistol Fundamentals

If you carry a modern autoloading pistol for self defense, this is the book you need to learn how to operate it in a defensive encounter! From concepts to concrete skills and how to put it all together, this is the book that can teach you what you need to know to use your pistol efficiently when attacked!

My Books on Guns & Shooting

Book Of The Revolver

If you’re a revolver enthusiast like I am, this book belongs on your shelf! This is a great overview of the double action revolver and what it’s capable of: sights, calibers and ammunition, how to master the double action trigger, and much more in this best-selling information-packed book!

Shooter’s Guide To Handguns

New to the world of handguns? Confused by the choices and what they do? In this best-selling book I look at the wide world of handguns, from hunting to plinking to self-defense, and help you understand what they do and what they’re good for. Lots of great information for the newbie and old hand alike!

Self Defense and Personal Security Books I Recommend

Defend Yourself

by Rob Pincus

One of the most readable guides to home defense, it’s the book I most often recommend to those just entering the world of personal security and family protection.

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Personal Defense For Women

by Gila Hayes

When people ask me for the best all-around self defense book for women, this is the one I recommend. Superb in every respect and from an authoritative source.

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Deadly Force

by Massad Ayoob

The long-awaited sequel to Ayoob’s classic “In The Gravest Extreme”, this book teaches what Ayoob calls “the armed citizens’ rules of engagement” — the legal, ethical, and practical use of firearms in self defense. Highly recommended!

The Law of Self Defense (3rd. Ed.)

by Andrew Branca

The best general reference to self defense law that’s currently available. Specific yet very readable, I think it’s a must-have for everyone — even if you don’t have a defensive firearm!

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Concealed Carry For Women

by Gila Hayes

There are a lot of options for women who want to conceal a defensive firearm, but only Gila Hayes can help you understand the pros and cons of each!

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Lessons from UN-Armed America

by Mark Walters & Rob Pincus

Sometimes a lawfully carried firearm is the answer to criminal violence — but sometimes it isn’t. Read these true-life stories about what happened to people who weren’t armed, and how they might have turned out differently. Expert story telling from Walters and analysis from Pincus make it a thought-provoking read.