You know what grinds my gears? YouTube videos where women suffer shooting big guns.

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There’s a genre of YouTube videos consisting of women shooting guns with heavy recoil for which they’ve not been properly prepared. Those vids disgust me.
For some reason a certain segment of the male shooting population loves to see what happens when a woman (old or young) is given a powerful firearm and allowed to shoot it on camera without proper instruction or preparation. The results are predictable and serve to show just what can happen if a shooter isn’t properly trained to deal with heavy recoil.

The audio tracks often consist of the laughter of the males in attendance, and comments (all by men, of course) tend to reinforce the locker room atmosphere. It’s apparently funny to see someone sustain injury because they trusted the person who goaded them into the trap.

To the guys who make or like watching these things: you’re pathetic. Real men don’t subject the women in their lives to danger for laughs and most definitely don’t video and share those events. They also don’t support those who do.

Luckily there are competent women out there who do enjoy shooting powerful firearms and have the knowledge and skill to do so. Of course the neanderthals among us will never find them amusing because they’re competent and thus too intimidating, but for the rest of us they’re inspiring.

What brought this to my mind? A great article in American Rifleman about female shooters and heavy calibers. The author, Sarah Smith Barnum, talked with several accomplished women — some of whom you’ll know, some you won’t — about their experiences with recoil. It’s a fresh and candid look at how they handle the guns and how much (or how little) they enjoy the experience.

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