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Book Of The Revolver cover

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Book Of The Revolver

Many years ago I fell in love with the classic double action revolver: its history, its operation, and its design. Unfortunately the classic revolver seems to be ignored among most writers and there just aren’t a lot of good books out there on the “wheelgun”. That’s why I wrote the Book Of The Revolver!

In this book you’ll learn everything you wanted to know about the double action revolver, and then some! Together we’ll discover:

  • Why the revolver is still a great gun to own
  • How to get a good fit, and what you should do if yours isn’t quite right
  • The most common revolver calibers — and the right ammunition for each
  • Sights, sighting, and how to make both better
  • The secret to accurate double action shooting (and why you might not be performing at your best)
  • Reloading the revolver quickly: right handed, left handed, and even one-handed!
  • Maintaining your revolver so that it will last for generations
  • The best modifications to make to a revolver — and how to make sure they’re done properly
  • and much more!

Whether you have a revolver for hunting, plinking, or home defense, the Book Of The Revolver will teach you how to handle and shoot it better!