My “Threat-Centered” Training Philosophy

Threat-Centered™ isn’t just a term; it’s a way of looking at personal security training that is fundamentally different from the classes you’ll usually find.

Let’s face it: it’s our natural desire to want to protect ourselves and our loved ones, to live more secure and less fearful lives. To defend ourselves from someone who would hurt us is the best thing we can do for our families, loved ones, friends and relatives. It’s natural, and human beings have been protecting themselves since the moment we appeared on earth.

Because we have such a long history of self defense we’ve developed innate ways of dealing with threats. The most fundamental human reaction is to focus on the threat — to center on it and devote all of our attention and resources to keeping ourselves safe. This allows us to gather information about what is happening and guide our responses so that we prevail.

Most defensive training today is focused on something other than the threat! Whether it’s a fixation on the tools or on trying to live up to some militaristic fantasy, so many programs have forgotten that self defense is really about winning against the thing that threatens your life.

My Threat-Centered™ training approach is different: together we acknowledge your natural inclination to devote your attention to the threat, a strategy which has thousands of years of success, and then learn effective techniques which work with those instinctive reactions and not against them. The Threat-Centered™ methodology teaches you to use your instinctive survival reactions the way they were made to be used: to keep you and your loved ones safe.