Many of you have come to know me from my nationally acclaimed gunsmithing of the double action revolver. It’s something I enjoy doing, and I’ve been happy to supply hundreds of people over the years with customized revolvers that they can pass down to their children and grandchildren.

Sadly, that very work which brought me so much joy has resulted in serious repetitive stress injuries to my hands and wrists and I’ve regrettably been forced to close my gunsmithing service. As my condition allows I may elect to do some work for the occasional established client, or perhaps the odd project gun here and there, but I am not taking new work and don’t anticipate being able to do so again.

For those looking for quality gunsmithing, I heartily recommend you contact Frank Glenn at Glenn Custom for Colt and Smith & Wesson work (he’s one of the top Colt gunsmiths still working) and Marc Morganti at Gemini Customs (he’s probably the best with Rugers that you’ll find today, and he makes the sight blades I have on the front of my Rugers!)

The information that follows is intended as an archive, to give you reference points as to how I did my work and perhaps some of the things you should look for in work that you commission from others.