Your Hump Day Reading List for March 11, 2020

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Hump Day Reading List

Welcome to your Hump Day Reading List! 

This is your refuge from the impersonal Google and FaceBook algorithms that seem to run our lives these days. Instead of a machine deciding what you’ll see, I personally go out and look for great articles that actually have value in the quest for greater personal and family safety.

From all of the articles that I find, I weed out the “fake news” and those that don’t have direct application to some aspect of preparedness. Then, to fight the growing scourge of information overload, I distill everything down to what I believe to be the three most useful articles you can read right now, explain the context of those articles, and identify any bias so you can trust what you read. 

It’s a more personal, more targeted, and more efficient way to get the information you need!

Here’s what I’ve found for you this week:

This week in Defensive Training and Gear:

The $50k Question

This is one of the best self defense articles I’ve read  in the past few years. It asks a question that a lot of people find exceedingly difficult to answer.

And yet, everyone should stand in front of a mirror, look themselves in the face, and ask the question. It helps clarify what your defensive priorities are and brings to stark focus the realities of your decisions.

Don’t gloss over this article. It’s important.

This week in Personal Safety and Security:

The effectiveness of security cameras

Disclaimer: this article is at a website for a business that sells security cameras. I’m sharing it because it presents some specific information with regard to self-monitored camera systems, information that’s not easily found otherwise.

That being said, I think self-monitored cameras are a superb way to add a layer of security to your home. I don’t think you should buy this company’s products, particularly when there are other alternatives in the market. However, if you don’t have a security camera system installed, there’s no reason to put it off any longer

(I like Amazon’s Blink system, as it’s affordable, secure, and simple to install, but there are others. Just make sure they’re well protected from outside access over the ‘net.)

This week in Preparedness and Health:

You don’t need a lot of acreage to be self-sufficient

It’s entirely possible to become far more prepared, more self-sufficient, without moving to a large acreage in the middle of nowhere. Mind you, if you’re able and willing to do so, more power to you, but not everyone has that option. For many, their suburban lot will have to suffice.

As it happens, if you have a largish yard you can do a LOT in terms of preparedness. In this article, M.D. Creekmore looks at the suburban homestead, and makes the case that it may be all you need.

– Grant Cunningham


About the Author:

Grant Cunningham is a renowned author and teacher in the fields of self defense, defensive shooting education and personal safety. He’s written several popular books on handguns and defensive shooting, including "The Book of the Revolver", "Shooter’s Guide To Handguns", "Defensive Revolver Fundamentals", "Defensive Pistol Fundamentals", and "Practice Strategies for Defensive Shooting" (Fall 2015.) Grant has also written articles on shooting, self defense, training and teaching for many magazines and shooting websites, including Concealed Carry Magazine, Gun Digest Magazine, the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors ADSI) and the popular Personal Defense Network training website. He’s produced a DVD in the National Rifle Association’s Personal Firearm Defense series titled "Defensive Revolver Fundamentals" and teaches defensive shooting and personal safety courses all over the United States.
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