Your Hump Day Reading List for February 26, 2020

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Hump Day Reading List

Welcome to your Hump Day Reading List! 

This is your refuge from the impersonal Google and FaceBook algorithms that seem to run our lives these days. Instead of a machine deciding what you’ll see, I personally go out and look for great articles that actually have value in the quest for greater personal and family safety.

From all of the articles that I find, I weed out the “fake news” and those that don’t have direct application to some aspect of preparedness. Then, to fight the growing scourge of information overload, I distill everything down to what I believe to be the three most useful articles you can read right now, explain the context of those articles, and identify any bias so you can trust what you read. 

It’s a more personal, more targeted, and more efficient way to get the information you need!

Here’s what I’ve found for you this week:

This week in Defensive Training and Gear:

What’s your priority?

Here’s a simple fact of life: no one has the unlimited resources (time, energy, money, and sometimes space) to prepare for everything that could possibly ever happen. It seems prudent, then, to prepare for those things which are most likely and work down from there.

Oddly, though, a lot of people would rather prepare for a fantasy scenario, one which could only happen on a Hollywood sound stage. In my view, and that of Sheriff Jim Wilson, that’s a waste of preparedness resources.

Wilson wrote about realistic defensive shooting priorities in this article, and I agree with him when he says “Few of us have time to waste anymore. That’s why it is so wise to budget your time and to practice those things that really apply to your situation.”

This week in Personal Safety and Security:

Let’s get mean!

My friend and ace defensive tactics instructor Julie Loeffler once told me that the hardest things she faces in her women’s self defense course at Ohio State University is teaching her students to break out of their polite and deferential demeanor. It’s a pre-requisite to being able to prevent violence, let alone respond to it.

Preventing a violent act sometimes means being impolite, downright rude, or even mean. In this important article, Greg Ellifritz emphasizes that it’s completely okay for a woman to be mean. Read it and share with those women you care about.

This week in Preparedness and Health:

Your business needs to be prepared, too

We spend a lot of time thinking about preparedness for ourselves and our families, but if you’re a small business owner, or run a business unit of whatever size, how prepared is your company for a disaster?

Businesses need to be prepared not only to survive an event, but recover and rebuild their operations in the aftermath. This is especially true if your business supplies important goods and services such as food, gasoline, building materials, and even finance and insurance.

This is a good introductory article to what’s commonly known as “continuity of business” or “COB” concepts. Take your knowledge of personal preparedness and apply it to your profession — as soon as possible!

– Grant Cunningham


About the Author:

Grant Cunningham is a renowned author and teacher in the fields of self defense, defensive shooting education and personal safety. He’s written several popular books on handguns and defensive shooting, including "The Book of the Revolver", "Shooter’s Guide To Handguns", "Defensive Revolver Fundamentals", "Defensive Pistol Fundamentals", and "Practice Strategies for Defensive Shooting" (Fall 2015.) Grant has also written articles on shooting, self defense, training and teaching for many magazines and shooting websites, including Concealed Carry Magazine, Gun Digest Magazine, the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors ADSI) and the popular Personal Defense Network training website. He’s produced a DVD in the National Rifle Association’s Personal Firearm Defense series titled "Defensive Revolver Fundamentals" and teaches defensive shooting and personal safety courses all over the United States.
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