Your Hump Day Reading List for May 22, 2019

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Hump Day Reading List


Welcome to the Hump Day Reading List! Here are what I believe to be the three most important articles you can read this week to enhance your personal and family safety:

This week in Defense and Training:

Timing is everything

In the defensive training world, everything is always about “faster”. We train to draw faster, shoot faster, move faster. Our drills are always about shooting, rarely about thinking. 

The result is that students very often go to the gun before they need to, or even should. Cecil Burch and I have talked about the tendency for students in his entanglement classes to try getting their gun in play too soon, before they have control over their attacker. I’ve seen the same thing happen in scenario training when the bad guy has “the drop” on the defender.

I was very happy, then, to find an article from Greg Ellifritz which discusses this topic from a real-world perspective. Analyzing the information you’re being faced with is critical to making good decisions, and good decisions often come down to proper timing. This is an important article to read, think about, then re-read.  

This week in Security:

One way to avoid being a victim: don’t act like one

This is a “back to basics” article about body language. Specifically, YOUR body language.

The reality is that a projection of confidence and awareness is often enough to persuade a criminal to pick an easier target. Looking alert, appearing as though you’re prepared to defend yourself without acting “tough”, may be one way to remove yourself from the predator’s victim pool.

This article from Jim Wilson looks at some real-world applications of the idea.

(Remember, though, that nothing works all the time. If you’re sufficiently valuable to a predator, he may be willing to risk breaking through your apparent defenses. Also, intentionally making aggressive eye contact with people who aren’t actually predators may be enough to initiate social violence — you don’t want to challenge random people on their own turf. As with anything else, understanding how and when to use it is critical to success.)

This week in Preparedness:

It’s hurricane season! Here’s how to prepare.

The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season started on Monday. While hurricanes can theoretically happen at any time of the year, they are by far more prevalent between mid-May and the end of November. During this period the risk of damaging hurricanes is much higher than the rest of the year, which makes it a prudent time to do some preparation.

This long article remains the best I’ve seen for pre-hurricane preparations. While it doesn’t go into great depth in any one area, it covers just about every conceivable preparation you might consider and why they’re important. Use this as the basis for a pre-hurricane preparedness checklist. (Just because you don’t live in hurricane country doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the article! The fundamentals are valuable for other kinds of common natural disasters.)

– Grant Cunningham

P.S.: I’ve written books on a number of these topics, and I’m sure you’ll find something in them to help you in your own defensive preparedness. Check out my bookstore, where you’ll find both electronic and good ol’ disaster-proof paper versions!

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