Your Hump Day Reading List for February 19, 2019

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Hump Day Reading List

Welcome to the Hump Day Reading List! Here are what I believe to be the three most important articles for you to read this week.

This week in Defense and Training:

Concealed carry and outdoor activities

I get a lot of questions regarding concealed carry for hikers, joggers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. There are a number of options, and this article at RECOIL goes over some of them.

There are two important points about this topic, one which the article acknowledges and one which it misses. The first is ensuring adequate retention sufficient for the task at hand. Running can apply a significant amount of force to the gun, causing it to come loose (and possibly completely out) of the holster in which it’s carried. Making sure that the holster has sufficient tension to hold the gun in any expected maneuver is critical.

Sometimes a small change in the holster position can make a huge difference in the amount of force applied to the gun. It’s not just a matter of how much retention, but the right amount for where it will be carried.

The point I think the article misses is that of consistency. If you’re used to carrying your defensive firearm in a specific way and in a specific place, and you do all of your training and practice in that way, putting the gun in a different place just when you hike or ski may cause issues when you need to react to a surprise threat. (This isn’t speculation; I know people who have experienced the issue in real life.) One of the considerations in choosing an athletic holster, then, needs to be its similarity to the way you’re accustomed to carrying. If it’s significantly different, you’ll need to dedicate a good amount of training/practice time in acquainting yourself with the change.

This week in Security:

What attracts (and repels) burglars?

Every so often I’ll see a long article and think about writing a blog post on the topic. Then I realize that just summarizing it would take a lot of time, and to be honest I’m fundamentally lazy. So I tend to put those kinds of projects on the back burner, like I did with this great report on how and why burglars pick the targets they do.

In this case my laziness paid off, because Greg Ellifritz did a great job of distilling that 64-page report down to a concise blog article that covers the most important points. Go read Greg’s article, and if you’re so inclined have a look at the original — there’s a LOT more great information in there.

See how productive laziness can actually be? After doing all this hard work, I think I deserve a nap!


This week in Preparedness:

Don’t fall for these preparedness myths

In my book Prepping For Life, I make a point of saying that preparedness needs to be plausible. Everything you do to prepare for a potentially life-altering incident needs to address real dangers in real ways. Unfortunately, as in just about any other human activity, you can find people who have “gone off the rails” in their activities — and in the underlying beliefs.

As a result there are a lot of what can only be called “prepper myths”: things that realistically don’t stand much of a chance of happening, and preparations that don’t stand much of a chance of working. This excellent article tries to bring some sanity to the topic by debunking some of the more prevalent preparedness myths. If you see yourself in some of the items, perhaps it’s time to step back an re-evaluate. 

Remember: your preparedness resources are limited. It doesn’t make sense to waste those limited resources on things which aren’t really plausible.

– Grant Cunningham



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