Your Hump Day Reading List for January 2, 2019

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It’s the first Wednesday of 2019, and thus the first Hump Day Reading List of the new year! Sit back and treat yourself to my hand-picked selection of this week’s best articles to increase your safety, security, and survivability! 


An interesting range experiment

I’m sharing this article not because I necessarily agree with the base assumptions (or the terminology), but because the exercise described is very useful to get people out of the mindset that sights need to be perfectly aligned to work. We can trace a lot of shooter anxiety (including flinching) to the belief that a sight picture has to be “perfect” in order to hit the target accurately. As it happens, and depending on the level of precision the target requires, the sights can be “off” a surprisingly large amount and the shots will still hit within the bounds of the target’s area of precision. Try it yourself next time you go to the range; learn how much effort you really need to make in aligning the sights with various sized targets at various distances.


Fiction isn’t reality

There is a lot of “prepper fiction” (some people call it “prepper porn”) out there, ostensibly teaching people good preparedness lessons in a non-threatening, easy-to-digest format. But sometimes the fiction overtakes the reality, and that’s what this article is about.


Recognizing when someone is gearing up for an attack

Recognizing an attack before it happens is the best method of avoidance. With social violence (which stems from personal interactions, as opposed to violence intended to gain something for the attacker) there are often indications that the attack is forthcoming. This is an older article from Massad Ayoob with some good basic information on “reading” people’s behavior to predict impending violence.


Dehydration is dangerous. Learn to recognize it.

I’ve been severely dehydrated and required hospitalization twice in my life. (Apparently I didn’t learn the first time.) Since then I’ve become very acutely aware of the symptoms of dehydration and take action the moment I start to feel its effects. I’m surprised how many people don’t understand what dehydration is or how to recognize it. This article will help. 


The best defense is not being there in the first place

This is a sad tale out of Michigan: a family is holding a first birthday celebration in a local park when a junkie starts shooting up in full view of kids. The grandfather of the child approaches the drug abuser to tell him to take his activities somewhere else, when the suspect pulls out a large knife and plunges it into the grandfather’s chest — quickly and repeatedly. The grandfather dies at the scene.

A lot of things went wrong in this incident, but the knee-jerk reaction that the grandfather “should have had a gun” misses the mark. I researched this park, and it’s in a bad part of a town not exactly known for its low crime rate. That’s not the place I would pick for a birthday party, which is the whole point: thinking ahead about what we’re doing, where we’re going and who’s likely to be around is a huge part of self protection. If you wouldn’t go there without a gun, you probably shouldn’t be going there even with a gun!


So you’re older. That doesn’t mean you can’t prepare!

I know lots of older folks have somehow come to the conclusion that their age, and the life changes which come with it, preclude them from being prepared. There are some definite limitations to prepping in one’s golden years, but there are still things you can do to make yourself better able to withstand adversity.


Guns and _______ don’t mix

Of course most people would put the word alcohol in that blank, but there are some other things that might not go with firearms. Some of them you might not think about, but they can result in a dangerous situation. (The last five items in the author’s list don’t fit the premise of the article, as they’re restrictions rather than safety issues.)

– Grant Cunningham

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