Your Hump Day Reading List for December 5, 2018

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It’s Wednesday, and time once again for my hand-picked selection of this week’s best articles to increase your safety, security, and survivability! 


Positioning yourself to survive the attack

Cecil Burch is “the guy” when it comes to dealing with attackers who are in physical contact with you. In this informative PDN video, Cecil introduces a simple yet effective “survival posture” to ensure you’ll stay able to defend yourself when things get physical. This is a must-watch video!


Just because you’re in suburbia doesn’t mean you can’t homestead!

I look at “homesteading” as a great way to increase your resilience. Getting away from centers of crime and having the space to raise at least part of your food supply definitely makes you more able to survive both natural and man-made incidents. But moving to the country isn’t feasible for most people, even when it is desirable. In those cases, how about doing some homesteading in suburbia? Here’s how.


A proactive approach to preventing suicide

Almost a decade ago, some folks in New Hampshire came up with a training program for gun store and range employees to help them spot potentially suicidal people. It evolved into a formal organization, with the educational programs and mission to help gun owners recognize the signs of impending self-harm so that those so afflicted could get the help they needed. Here’s the story behind this grassroots effort between gun owners and mental health professionals. 


Have you lived through a major power outage?

Most people I talk to haven’t. With our aging electrical grid, and the possibility of terror attacks on it, the potential for long-term power outages increases daily. Here are some things you might not expect when the lights go off for a week — or more.


A very negative outcome

This is another of those cautionary tales about understanding what, exactly, constitutes “self defense.” In this case, the store owner was safe at home when he received an alarm notice from his business. He was able to remotely view the burglary in progress on video and contact police. Then he did the unbelievable: he took himself out of a position of complete safety to…well, I’m not quite sure what he intended to do, but he shot and killed one of the burglars. He’s since been charged with voluntary manslaughter, probably because he escalated a property crime by inserting himself where he didn’t need to be. 

Once more, your defensive firearm isn’t to protect property; that’s what insurance is for. A firearm is to protect yourself from the immediate and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm. A cash register you can replace; a life you can’t, and you’re likely to be held accountable for that difference.


One more time: prepare rationally

A good article with some thoughts on how to prepare, no matter what you’re preparing for. It all comes down to evaluating your life, the threats you face, and then preparing for the most likely ones first.


Will you perform when you’re really surprised?

As it happens, the data says you’re very unlikely to. This is not news to me; I learned this back in the mid-90s when I was practicing my revolver reloads to become the fastest possible. I thought I was ready to beat the world, but the first “surprise” stage at a match, when I was suddenly confronted with an unexpectedly empty gun, that skill went right out the window. I wondered why, and that led me on a multi-decade quest to understand just how the human brain processes information in dangerous incidents. This article looks at research done with airline pilots to explain why we’re unlikely to perform unless our training and practice includes the element of surprise.

– Grant Cunningham

P.S.: This coming Monday I’ll be releasing my newest book — Praying Safe: The professional approach to protecting faith communities. It’s all about how to protect your house of worship against a wide range of threats. It will help you and your fellow congregants develop a customized safety plan that addresses your unique needs. Watch the blog on Monday for the official announcement!



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