Your Hump Day Reading List for November 28, 2018

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It’s Wednesday, and time once again for my hand-picked selection of the best articles to increase your safety, security, and survivability! 


Protecting your guests

The holidays are a time when we typically invite guests into our homes to share in the celebrations. Everything gets cleaned and spruced up — but what happens to those defensive tools you have staged “just in case”? Those need to be kept out of the hands of children and other unauthorized people. Here are Cheryl Todd’s thoughts on “guest-proofing” your home.


What (and how) to carry beyond what’s in your pockets

A basic introduction to the concept of the “get home bag”. (Don’t just copy his contents, but rather look at what he’s preparing for and apply that to your life.)


What’s a SIM swap, and why should you care?

A great article from Krebs that describes what SIM swaps are, why they’re a problem, how widespread the crime is, and how you can protect yourself.


What food have you stored?

A backstock of food is a basic preparedness item (and perhaps the most important), yet amazingly few people actually do it. Here’s how you can get started. (Note: I don’t think it’s emphasized enough in the article, but the best plan is to store things you normally eat anyhow, then simply keep eating it — being sure to rotate your stock to keep it fresh.)


You have to check your target, and you need to see to do that

Another case of a mistaken identity shooting, at night, inside the home. This time the husband shot his wife; other times it’s wives mistakenly shooting their husbands, or parents shooting their kids. Here are three simple ways to avoid this kind of “negative outcome”: 1) Ask “who’s there?” and listen for a response;  2) Grab the flashlight before the gun, and use it to identify the source of the suspicious sound; 3) Turn on the house lights.

Not every situation is a shooting situation. In fact, very few situations are shooting situations. Act accordingly.


Preparing for fire season

With the sad exception of southern California, most of us are well past wildfire season. This is the time to prepare for next year’s fires, which (if the trend continues) are likely to be worse than this year. Here’s an article about how to prepare and what to have on hand. (For once, the comments are actually insightful and worth reading.)


Are you signaling victimhood?

This is an older, but still very relevant, article from Psychology Today about what predators look for in victims, backed by research. Some of their recommendations for self defense are trite (“always be aware of your surroundings”), but it’s a good introduction to why criminals pick the targets they do.

– Grant Cunningham

P.S.: Is your place of worship concerned about the increasing number of violent attacks perpetrated around the country? Are your fellow congregants scared? Stay tuned, because on December 10th I’ll be releasing a new book — co-authored with Joshua Gideon of No Soft Targets — that will give you a blueprint to protect your church, synagogue, or temple! 



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