Your Hump Day Reading List for November 14, 2018

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I unearthed some really good articles for you this week. Read them and increase your safety, security, and survivability! 


Remember what they say about that river in Egypt…

Whether it’s a criminal attack or a natural disaster, many people — perhaps, even, most people — simply don’t believe it will happen to them. This is an insightful article about why people don’t take threats seriously and what happens when they don’t. (The only criticism I’ll make is that some of his “more resources” links aren’t worth clicking on. There’s better information out there.)


What drives murder rates?

This researcher says it’s concern over one’s status relative to others — and that can take the form of income inequality or street-level disrespect. It’s an interesting article, worth reading and discussing with your friends. 


Driving as a self-defense tool

The reality is that you’re in more danger in your car than perhaps anywhere else. It’s partly because of the environment of travel — all those other cars hurtling at high speed within inches of you — and partly because of the amount of time most people spend on the road. The reality is that you’re more likely to need defensive driving skills than shooting skills, but very few people will admit they could stand to be better drivers. This article gives a good introduction to becoming a better driver, which translates to a safer driver.


The special case of prepping in an apartment

I’ve never lived in an apartment, so contending with apartment inspections is completely unfamiliar to me. Many millions of people do, however, and this article talks about hiding your emergency supplies during an inspection. 


If something is rare, why do you see more of it?

It’s because our brains are constantly creating new threats for us to consider. This article looks at how the brain correlates proximity with frequency, and how you may be able to avoid doing so. Whether you’re concerned with earthquakes or mass shootings, this is an article that may help you keep proper perspective.


A look at “traditional” double-action/single-action pistols

Greg Ellifritz considers the resurgence of the old-style DA/SA autopistol. His opinion roughly mirrors mine; the DA/SA is a more complex device to operate, and requires significantly more training and practice time to maintain any given level of proficiency. Most people are better served by a gun that is easier to shoot and handle.


Avoiding the need for rescue

In a previous life I did search and rescue for our Sheriff’s office. When I first got into it I was surprised how often people required our services simply because they didn’t think ahead or consider what they were doing. There were a lot of people who could be called “that guy”, the one who doesn’t think anything will happen to him and thus doesn’t take even simple precautions. Here’s how to avoid being him.

– Grant Cunningham

P.S.: Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 6:pm PDT/9:pm EDT for my Training Talk show on Personal Defense Network! My guest will be Cecil Burch, and we’ll be talking about stupid self defense “systems” — why they don’t work, and what does. Cecil isn’t shy about calling things the way he sees them, and you’ll no doubt learn a lot from the discussion!




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