Your Hump Day Reading List for October 31, 2018

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It’s Halloween, and I’ve got some great stories to help you tackle frightening topics! 


Some people don’t want to learn

In the self defense world, many people seem to have comfortable ideas of how things happen in defensive incidents. That was fine back in the days when we didn’t have objective evidence, but today we do — and yet many misconceptions still exist. Cecil Burch looks at one of them, and wonders where the hypocrisy comes from.


Predators are a little different in the country

If you’re new to the rural life, or if you’re thinking about moving to a homestead to get away from the city predators, you should probably be aware that you’ll be dealing with a different variety of them in the country. You’ll also probably need your defensive firearms far more often than in the city! Read this article about predators on the homestead, with the understanding that geography may change them slightly. (In our neck of the woods, we don’t worry about mink or weasels, but we do have to contend with bobcats and cougars.)


Couches are not cover

What household items or features will stop rifle rounds? One guy did an experiment to find out. (Do not try this at home!)


All the comforts of home — gone?

I’ve found that some people don’t really “get” preparedness as a concept until they look at it from the standpoint of their everyday lives. More specifically, when they list the common comforts that disappear during an incident, they seem to get a little better perspective on the need for prepare ahead of time. Here’s one fellow’s look at what he wouldn’t have should a widespread disaster happen.


He wants your pants. Do you give them to him?

This is a very interesting article from Greg Ellifritz that looks at some of the less common criminal demands he’s seen in his years of police work. It’s worth asking yourself where your “line in the sand” is, that point at which future options for resistance disappear. (This is not an easy exercise, but it’s worth doing. Read the article and think deeply about the message.)


Is prepping like insurance?

I’d certainly say so! Here’s why.


How to prepare when you’re strapped

The “working poor” — those who have a job but can barely pay for the necessities of life — are usually disproportionally affected during a disaster. It’s very hard to prepare when you can barely afford to keep food on the table, but there are ways. Here’s someone who’s been there and done that, and has a lot of good information for those who are in that boat. This is a very important article for a large portion of the population.

– Grant Cunningham

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