Your Hump Day Reading List for October 24, 2018

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Another Wednesday, another great collection of articles for your enjoyment and enlightenment! 


Another resource for travel safety

One thing I do before renting a room (or AirBnB) is to check the neighborhood’s crime stats. This used to be a tedious process, but there are new tools out which make it easier. 


What living off-grid is like, and why you should try

I know a lot of people have fantasies of reverting to a simpler life off-grid. Well, it’s not all sunshine and unicorns; it’s a lot of work and there are no replacements for some things we now take for granted. As an experiment in disaster preparedness, though, it has merits. Here are some workarounds for common tasks that may prove valuable during a large-scale incident.


The realities of pepper (OC) spray

Pepper spray can be an effective less-than-lethal self defense tool, but merely buying a can and sticking it on a keychain isn’t sufficient preparation. Like any defensive tool there is a certain skill set to using it effectively, but luckily it isn’t all that tough to learn. Here’s a good article on the basics of OC sprays, along with some first-hand information on its effectiveness.


An RV as a survival vehicle?

It’s hardly a secret that I’m no fan of “bugging out” in response to most incidents. Short of a disaster that makes your house unlivable, it’s better to stay put. I’m also no fan of the resource-wasting RV. There are some situations, however, where getting away from the impact zone is advisable — and an RV might be the right way to do that. Check out this article for the counterpoint to my opinion.


Active shooters have malfunctions. Lots of them.

I’ve noticed over the years that active shooters seem to have a high percentage of gun malfunctions (including running out of ammunition and taking a long time to reload.) Greg Ellifritz did some investigation and found out that my impression was correct — in fact, a surprising number of active shooters had a malfunction at some point in their attack. Malfunctions, or pauses to reload, are opportunities for defenders to counter-attack, but only if they recognize the signs. Definitely an article worth reading.


How to handle gas leaks (probably not the kind you’re thinking of.)

Gas leaks from traffic accidents and overturned train tankers are actually fairly common. If you want a good scare  sometime, get a DOT hazard placard app for your smartphone; the next time you’re a passenger on the freeway and you pass an anonymous tanker, look up the placard number (they’re required by the DOT) in the app. It will tell you what the chemical is and how hazardous it would be if spilled. What if that tanker were on a train going through your town and ruptured? What would you do? This article has some thoughts on the matter.


Car thieves are learning too

You’d think that with all of the wonderful anti-theft technology built into cars these days, vehicle thefts would be a thing of the past. You’d be wrong, because criminals keep pace with the times. Here are some of the new ways crooks still get their hands on cars.

– Grant Cunningham

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