Your Hump Day Reading List for October 17, 2018

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More great defensive preparedness articles for you this week! 


Making your home into a fortress (?)

I’ll acknowledge that the author of this article goes a little over the top at times, and that I think his mania for protecting his identity is a little silly in this day and age, but his article has some excellent  information and looks at the topic in a logical, organized manner. It’s well worth reading.


You’re ready — but what about Fido?

You need to prepare for your pet’s needs in an emergency too. This is a fairly thorough article covering cats and dogs (I guess those of us with rabbits have to figure it out on our own!) Seriously, though, it’s a subject that often gets lost in most discussions about preparedness. If you have pets, do yourself a favor and read the article.


The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun…

…is a man or woman who has decided not to be a victim. While I’m sure the gun-centric readers will want to focus on the notion that she might have survived if she’d been armed, that’s not the most important part of the Wendi Winters story. The most important thing in any defensive action is resolve, and she clearly had that part covered. Rather than lament that she didn’t have a gun, instead look at the people she saved by refusing to cower helplessly in a corner.


The reluctant spouse

If you’ve decided that preparedness is an important thing for your family to focus on, but your significant other isn’t quite on the same page, what can you do? Here’s one man’s approach to the issue.


It’s not just men who do stupid things with guns

A Utah woman left her concealed handgun in a bathroom stall at a local aquarium. Two things stand out in this story: first, she failed to plan her carry system to fit into her life, and going to the bathroom is part of life. There should be no reason to take a concealed firearm off body when using a restroom. Second, she allowed her unruly children to be a distraction while handling a loaded weapon. A firearm demands attention and concentration; if she couldn’t provide that, then perhaps having she should re-think carrying a handgun in the first place. 

Seriously, this happens far too often and with people who should know better. Injuries and deaths have occurred. It’s irresponsible, and we need to educate the new concealed carriers about the proper way to handle these situations.


What’s a disaster, anyhow?

A pretty good article that looks at 21 events that could alter your life, whether in the short term or for longer periods. While I think some of them aren’t part of “the most likely”, the fact is that most of them are going to have some level of plausibility for most of us — and some are extremely common, but don’t fit the “disaster scenario” some people think of when preparing. 


The wisdom of house clearing

It’s an interesting read, and I think there is some good information in it, but I think the author’s Special Warfare point of view doesn’t allow him to say this emphatically enough: clearing a home by yourself and without training is a really, really bad idea. If you can, your best course of action by far is backing away and calling the police to do the job.

– Grant Cunningham

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