Your Hump Day Reading List for October 10, 2018

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I’ve got another great selection of articles for you this week! 


This happens too often, and I’m tired of it

This one happened last July; yesterday I read of a 3-year-old who died when he got hold of an unsecured firearm. Too many kids are dying from accidental gunshots, and we as responsible gun owners need to be at the forefront of reducing them.

It’s simply not responsible to leave a firearm anywhere it can be accessed by children. Kids will always find guns, no matter how cleverly they’re hidden, and even the smallest child is capable of manipulating a heavy revolver trigger. This is why I say that there are ONLY two places where your firearm can be responsibly kept: on your person, or securely locked away. Period. With the quick-access lockbox technology we have today, there is no longer an excuse not to have firearms secured from unauthorized access when they’re not in your hands.

Please spread the word to every gun owner you know.


Flash floods are serious dangers

Although I have reservations about a few of the things in this article (notably the first aid kit), it has some good information on what to do if you’re caught in a flash flood. If you live in an area where flash floods  are a possibility, this is an article you’ll want to read.


You’ve spent good money on that gun…

…don’t skimp on the holster! You’d be surprised how many incidents I’ve investigated where the cause of a negative outcome was a poor holster choice. A good holster costs more than $19.95! If you don’t know how to tell a good holster from a bad one, Greg Ellifritz has some tips on what to look for.


Buy once, cry once

I’m a big believer in buying fewer things and making sure they’re of the best quality you can afford. Replacing things because they’re broken or worn out before their time is false economy, uses up resources, and adds to our landfills. Buy it for life! (I just know someone will send me a message about needing to buy lots of disposable items because “I just lose them anyhow”, so if you’ll permit me to offer some fatherly advice to that person: learn to be more responsible.) 


A strong neighborhood is a great defense

While this article talks about neighbors from the standpoint of preparedness, everything mentioned is equally applicable to crime prevention. Get to know your neighbors and talk with about neighborhood  defense and protection. You’d be surprised how effective good neighbors can be!


Avoiding identity theft at the gas station

Card skimmers on gas pumps are getting to be downright common — but that doesn’t mean you’ll be one of their victims, if you take the advice in this article from the Krebs On Security blog.


Speaking of buying quality first…

As you may know, I’m a big proponent of the high-intensity flashlight as a core or primary defensive tool. It’s usable over a very wide range of circumstances and has a wide range of application. It’s the very first thing I grab in the morning (yes, before my gun; it should be that way!) and one of the very few things you’ll always find me carrying. Because it’s such an important tool, I recommend buying the best quality you can afford. A really cheap flashlight isn’t reliable, durable, or useful, as Richard Johnson found out when he tested a “value” flashlight.


A reaction to a recent video

A video of an irresponsible shooting range patron is making the rounds, and Rob Pincus has some thoughts. 

– Grant Cunningham

P.S.: I’ll be in Phoenix, AZ on December 1 & 2 teaching my Threat-Centered Revolver course at the beautiful Ben Avery Shooting Center, and there are still some spots open! The weather in Phoenix in early December is gorgeous, and I can’t think of a nicer place to be. Please plan to join me for two great days of revolver training!



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