Your Hump Day Reading List for September 26, 2018

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Some great articles for the last Wednesday in September! 


Keeping the family safe in public spaces

Jeff Gonzales has some good advice for what to do with your family when you’re in a public space and a violent incident unfolds. 


Let’s see…

…you’ve got a stock of food, medical supplies, defensive tools, survival kits, generators, and everything else a well-prepared home needs. But what about spare parts for all your stuff? 


Alertness may have saved lives

An interesting story out of Virginia, where school officials were paying attention and enabled the police to stop what may have been a mass killing at a prom. If you have the time, and your school allows it, you should consider volunteering for prom planning duty to help make sure that procedures are in place to detect unusual activity, including the selling of prom tickets to non-students.


It’s that time of the year

Time to prepare for severe weather, that is! A good introductory article for those new to weather preparedness.


A new look at school shootings

The article overplays the Secret Service connection, but the information is sound. While people are spending their effort trying to “profile” school shooters, the reality is that looking for “red flags” — identifiable behaviors and leading events — is the best way to spot a potential attack before it happens. (If you need a good example, go up two articles and read the one about the prom tickets…a perfect “red flag”.)


You come home and find your door kicked open…

…what do you do? Well, drawing your gun and “clearing” your house isn’t at the top of the list. What is? Read the article and find out. (Warning: it’s not very exciting or manly, but it is safe and effective.)


The lever action rifle as a defensive tool

A good article on the virtues of the lever-action rifle, from someone who is generally known for championing the latest and most trendy tactical gear. My only slight disagreement is with his recommended chambering; the .30-30 is perfectly adequate, but the lever action chambered in .357 Magnum gives up nothing to the “thutty-thutty” inside of 100 yards, is easier to shoot, and carries more rounds in the magazine. On the other hand, the .30-30 can often be found used for less than $200!

(If you want to learn more about the lever action as a defensive tool, may I humbly suggest my book Protecting Your Homestead: Using a rifle to defend life on your property? It’s available in paperback, Kindle, or iBooks formats.)

– Grant Cunningham


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