Your Hump Day Reading List for September 19, 2018

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I’ve got an interesting mix of articles for you this week, all of which I believe to be worth your time to read. Yes, even the infuriating one at the end!


Concealed carry and traffic stops

How should you handle a traffic stop when you’re carrying a defensive firearm? Greg Ellifritz is a police officer in Ohio, and he has some thoughts on the matter. (I’ve noticed that the details vary a bit from region to region, and sometimes from agency to agency. It’s always a good idea to double-check with an officer or two in your area just to maintain awareness of any local “oddities”.)


What’s it really like to live in the country?

This article presents one person’s views on life in a rural area. It’s not all a bed of roses, and if you’re thinking about moving to the country there are some things you need to be aware of. I grew up in the country so I’m used to it, but I’ve heard of more than one family who packed up and left because they couldn’t adjust. Know before you go! (I’m not entirely sure about the “lower crime” claim; on a per-capita basis, I don’t think it’s noticeably lower than suburbia.)


Answering the door doesn’t mean opening it

Some excellent thoughts on handling a stranger at your door from the Stuff From Hsoi blog.


How the Kimber revolver came to be

As you may know, I was on the design team for the very popular Kimber K6s revolver. Here’s the story.


How to prep for a pregnancy 

This is certainly something I’ve never faced! How does your preparedness change if you or your significant other is expecting a child? Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider.


A review of my rifle book

Here’s a great review of my latest book, Protecting Your Homestead: Using A Rifle To Defend Life On Your Property.


A look at gun safes and why people don’t use them

This is an op-ed piece from the New York Post about gun safes and the seeming reluctance amongst gun owners to use them. Read it with an open mind, because the writer makes some important points. I’m firmly in the camp that says there are only two safe, and therefore responsible, places to keep your firearms: on your person, or locked up. With the technology in quick-access lockboxes today, there is no longer an excuse for not having your defensive guns locked up when not being carried. (I’ve noticed an increase in prosecutions when improperly stored guns are accessed by children. I believe the courts will do what legislation hasn’t been able to: hold gun owners accountable when their firearms are not stored in a responsible manner.)

– Grant Cunningham

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