Your Hump Day Reading List for August 15, 2018

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We may be in the dog days of summer, but I don’t think you’ll find any dogs in this week’s selection of defensive preparedness articles! 


Uber scams? Say it’s not so!

This year I finally became an Uber user and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Turns out, though, that there are scams Uber drivers can (and do) pull on people. Here are the most common and how to avoid them. You can bet I paid attention to this article!


Another speedloader option for Kimber K6s owners

When the Kimber K6s first shipped, Kimber offered branded speedloaders made by the good folks at 5-Star. Those speedloaders are of the twist-knob variety, which aren’t my favorite. In a couple of my most recent revolver classes, Kimber owners have shown up with the Speed Beez speedloader. They’re a modern take on the old Dade speedloaders, but with some significant improvements. While they’re still not completely drop-safe, they’re much easier and faster to use than the twist-knob variety. I was never a fan of the old Dade loaders, but I’m warming up to the Speed Beez! (Note: I have no affiliation with Speed Beez and derive no benefit should you purchase from them.)


A good holster article with a silly title

This is a good article by Massad Ayoob about what to avoid when picking concealed carry holsters (and associated gear.) I usually hate these “10 things…” kind of articles, but this one is actually worth reading. A good holster makes the difference between a gun you can carry comfortably and use efficiently, and one which you leave in the safe at home.


Where are those shotgun pellets really going?

Patterning your shotgun — determining where the pellets are landing at various defensive distances — is an important part of shotgun training. Every load will pattern differently, and it’s up to you to find the load that patterns best in your gun. Here’s why and how to do it. (If your gun has interchangeable chokes, this process is a little easier because you can change the choke to get the desired pattern with whatever ammunition you have available. Most home defense shotguns don’t have interchangeable chokes, but mine does for just this reason!)


Dating and CCW. Can they co-exist?

I was well out of the dating scene by the time the shall-issue concealed carry movement got up to steam in the late 1980s, so I never had to deal with the prospect of dating and a concealed handgun. Those of you who haven’t been married for several decades, however, may need to (and it’s always possible that some of you older folks might get thrown back into the dating pool!) Here are some thoughts on dating, concealed carry, and how to handle the two together.


Your plans need to include your family

I’m surprised how many defense and survival plans I see that fail to account for the unique — and always changing — needs of the kids in the family. This article will help you recognize and plan for the safety and well being of your children in the event of a dangerous incident.


What do toads and papaya have to do with personal safety?

Read Greg Ellifritz’s article and find out. Then think about them in your life.

– Grant Cunningham

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