Your Hump Day Reading List for December 13, 2017

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It’s getting closer to Christmas, and though we don’t have any snow on the ground at my house that doesn’t mean I don’t have any presents for you — here are a bunch of great articles to stuff your electronic stocking!

Don’t be there when it happens

Some interesting observations about riots, from someone who’s been there. We’re accustomed to thinking of riots as being somewhat organized, but in reality they’re usually not. The author explains three often misunderstood characteristics of real riots and why they’re dangerous.


Understanding gelatin bullet testing

The author clears away some of the many misunderstandings about gelatin testing. One of the better such articles I’ve read. If you come away with nothing else, understand that gelatin testing is not a predictor of wounding capability; it’s a way to test one bullet against another in a controlled manner. (I’ve said it before: I don’t trust any amateur gelatin testing, especially if they’re using a gelatin substitute. The article will show you why.)


Some revolver advantages

I don’t normally share articles from Athlon Outdoors/Personal Defense World, largely because they publish far too much nonsense to consider them a reliable source. This article by Massad Ayoob, however, is pretty good. I may argue a point here or there (I’m not convinced the “contact shot” is a good reason to buy a revolver, for instance), but overall he makes a good argument.


Your thinking can limit you

In the self defense world (and, to a lesser extent, the preparedness community) people tend to classify themselves. Oh, they may not call themselves a “gun guy” or a “martial arts gal”, but their allocation of their preparedness resources will usually tell the tale. This is an interesting article that looks at how we define ourselves by our actions, and why that might limit our survivability.


Speaking of allowing yourself to be limited by your thinking…

here’s an extreme example of what happens when you get far too enamored with specific tools. 


Yours truly appears on GunBlog VarietyCast!

A while back I made an appearance on the GunBlog VarietyCast, talking about competitive shooting and if, in fact, it will get you “kilt on da streetz”. I’ve been on the defensive training and the competitive shooting sides of the issue and have some advice for both camps.


Working as you travel? Secure your stuff!

Lots of folks travel with laptops and iPads these days, and they use their portable devices to do work from sometimes far-flung locales. Doing so brings up a host of security risks, from theft of the device itself to all manner of data loss. Here’s a good introductory article on how to secure your gear and your data when you’re away from home.


How to be an annoying student — or not.

Preferably not. I’ve seen all of these at one time or another, and they make it hard for the other students to get their time/money’s worth out of the class. Don’t be “that guy”.

– Grant

P.S.: Yes, it’s still time to get one of my books delivered in time for Christmas! Right now my two most popular are Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver and my latest, Prepping For Life. Either would make a great gift for the special people you want to keep safe!


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