Your Hump Day Reading List for January 18, 2017

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This week: should you look while holstering?; a look at why the lever action rifle is still a good choice for defense; easy ways to protect your rural homestead; a simple way to look at knife defense; don’t let your mouth write checks the courts won’t let you cash; pockets of violence where people are scared; how one Frenchman handled a terrorist driving a semi-truck; and Rob Pincus has some ideas on how you can broaden your self defense. Enjoy!


Holstering: look or no look?

This article serves to bring up a teaching point. Back in the days when law enforcement trainers held sway in the defensive education world, it was de rigueur to holster (or re-holster) the pistol or revolver without looking. In fact, it was the mark of several shooting schools that their students always holstered without looking. I confess I fell into that line of thinking when I started training seriously in the mid-1990s, but since then I’ve come to a very different point of view. Today I practice and teach looking at the holster (if physically possible) while holstering. If the situation is so dire that you can’t take your eyes off the scene, you still need your gun! Holstering should always be done reluctantly and deliberately, and that means looking at your holster while the gun goes in.


A quick guide to the lever-action rifle

In case you haven’t noticed, my opinions often run counter to what is popular with the tactical training hobbyists. One of them is my recommendation of the lever action rifle as a home and perimeter defense tool. This article focuses on their survival and prepping aspects, but all of the advantages they list are positives for general defensive use as well. Read and learn why the lever action isn’t as obsolete as the AR-15 crowd would want you to believe!


Out in the country, but not unprotected

People who move to a rural area often think that they’re safer than they are in suburbia, and to some extent that’s true. That’s not to say that you can get away with leaving your home and family unprotected, however! Law enforcement response times may be measured in hours, and neighbors may be some distance away. Rural dwellers need to take more responsibility for their own safety, and this article has some great ways to do just that.


Defending against a knife? Read this.

I’ll admit that I’m not a knife guy. Whenever I need to know about knife defense I go to the expert, Alessandro Padovani at Safer Faster Defense. I saw this article and it looked reasonable, and when I asked Alessandro his opinion he said it was a great introduction to the concepts. I think that’s a pretty good endorsement!


No, this is not self defense

I present this article to you with little comment, because it’s fairly self explanatory. Your lawfully carried firearm is not there to back up a loud mouth, and if you start something you don’t get to claim self defense when the other guy takes exception to your boorish behavior. Read carefully so you understand the judge’s opinion.


When people fear becoming a statistic

In case you didn’t know, violent crimes have been on a downward slide in the United States for many years now. This is a good thing! However, just because the overall crime rate is down doesn’t mean there aren’t pockets of increasing violence. There are, and there are a lot of them. For some people, arming themselves is a new concept and one which they didn’t think they’d need to do. Until now.


A role model — from France?

Remember the truck terrorist attack in Nice, France last July? Turns out that a bystander jumped into the truck and wrestled with the driver, giving police enough time to kill the terrorist and stop the attack. If you make the decision to fight, don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do. This guy definitely didn’t!


“Holistic” isn’t just a word for new-agers any more

You may have gotten tired of me saying this, but self defense is more than just shooting bad guys. Your self defense and personal security requires a more holistic, diversified attitude. In this article at Personal Defense Network, Rob Pincus looks at how you can (and should) diversify your self defense training and preparation.

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