Your Hump Day Reading List for September 28, 2016

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Today’s Hump Day Reading List includes how to deal with negative reactions to your defensive firearms; why you can’t just run down people even if they’re blocking your path; pickpockets are very good at what they do; a look at specialized concealed carry clothing; Greg Ellifritz looks at self defense from a new perspective; how to escape a riot on foot; and Claude Werner points out that killing someone, even in self defense, isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Enjoy and share with others!


Dealing with negativity about your interest in self defense

This is an older article from my friend Julie Loeffler, but I thought it was worth revisiting. Today everyone seems to be looking for reasons to be mad at someone else, and women in particular may be made to feel bad for their involvement in self defense training — particularly where guns are involved. Julie does a terrific job of breaking down the kind of negativity you might encounter from friends and relatives, and how to deal with it in a positive way. Superb article.


Watch a pickpocket at work

The U.K. Daily Mail isn’t a source I usually reference, but in this case they’ve got a really interesting article and video of a professional pickpocket in action. Note how quickly and easily he’s able to make off with people’s valuables. Now there aren’t a lot of really skilled pickpockets working these days, but there are a lot of people who make off with purses and other items by taking advantage of people’s distraction. The principles are the same even if the exact nature of the crime isn’t, which is why it’s useful to see just what can be done when you’re not paying attention — or when you’re purposely distracted by something else.


Specialized conceal-carry clothing

You’d have to be Rip Van Winkle to have missed the explosion of products designed for concealed carry in the last decade — and I’m not just talking about holsters, either. The selection of clothing designed specifically to help conceal a defensive firearm has increased as well, but not everything works quite as well as the makers would have you believe. Andy Loeffler recently penned an article for Personal Defense Network about the experiences he’s had with some concealed carry clothing options, and comes up with some recommendations about these specialized garments.


Could you defend yourself if you were laid up?

Greg Ellifritz recently penned this article about his experience recuperating from surgery and thinking about his defensive capabilities. For some people this isn’t temporary; a debilitating accident or disease can leave someone in this precarious position for the rest of their lives. Read through Greg’s experience and thought processes, because — one way or another — at some point in your life your ability to defend yourself will be compromised, too.


So, you’re on foot and caught in a riot…

To go along with the Andrew Branca article above, here’s a piece on what to do if you’re on foot and caught in a demonstration/protest that quickly turns violent.


Self defense may involve the death of your attacker, but it’s not something to aspire to do

As I pointed out above, there’s a lot of misconception in the defensive training world — and a lot of bravado to go along with it. You can find lots of people on the internet who regale others with tales of bad guys “biting the dust” and seemingly wishing for the chance to send someone to their death themselves. As Claude Werner points out in this superb essay, the death of another person has long-lasting effects on you and the people around you. It’s a cautionary tale to keep things in perspective, and the reason avoidance is almost always the very best strategy.

– Grant Cunningham


Opening photo: “Camelus dromedarius at Tierpark Berlin” by Agadez – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons


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