Your Hump Day Reading List for May 4, 2016

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I’ve really got something for everyone today! Starting off, there’s Greg Ellifritz with an article on how to handle people following you; Ian McCollum looks at some incredible engraved revolvers; a way to ease into the preparedness world; a reason why some rifle cartridges destroy barrels; some advice on what to do when your child reaches for your gun; avoiding social violence by being smarter than the other guy; ideas for outdoor security lighting; and all you ever wanted to know about the .41 Magnum!


This man can tell you: don’t follow an armed target.

At the Active Response Training blog, Greg Ellifritz looks at a situation where an elderly man was being followed by a much younger man; when confronted, the younger man announced that he wanted his target’s money, at which point the older gentleman used his defensive firearm to ward off the robber. As Greg points out, things worked out for the elderly gentleman — but he also made several mistakes that could have cost him more than his wallet. Read Greg’s article and the lessons learned; what would you do if you knew you were being followed?


Spectacular embellished Colts!

I’m a sucker for engraved and inlaid guns; I appreciate the art (when it’s well done, mind you) and the craftsmanship involved. I don’t own any, mind you, because they’re worth more than I can justify spending on a gun! That doesn’t stop me from drooling over the guns in one of my favorite picture books, “Steel Canvas” by R.L. Wilson; it has photos of some of the best and famous embellished guns. Well, as it happens Ian McCollum at Forgotten Weapons managed to get his hands on one of the guns I’ve seen in that book: a Tiffany Colt with a spectacular gold bird motif, along with a vintage Nimschke-engraved Colt — also done for Tiffany. I’m always jealous of Ian, but I must say this video brings me to full-blown green-eyed envy!


Personal and family safety can be overwhelming — but here’s an easy start.

I’ve said this many times, but personal security and family safety isn’t all about guns. It’s also about avoidance and early warning and trauma first aid and defensive driving and disaster preparedness and food storage and perimeter security and physical fitness and…whew, the list seems endless! A lot of people get paralyzed when faced with the prospect of getting into the self-reliant lifestyle, and I can understand their frustration. This article talks about one important and incredibly easy first step: how are your fire extinguishers? What — you don’t have any? Read this article to learn why fire safety is your entry into the world of being prepared!


For the rifle shooters in the audience…

Some rifle rounds have reputations as being “barrel burners”: rounds that so erode the barrel just in front of the chamber that accuracy is greatly affected. I used to shoot the hot 6.5/284 cartridge, which had a reputation of eroding barrels in as little as 1,000 rounds, so I’m very familiar with the issue. This article looks at a concept known as heat flux and how that is a major contributor to barrel wear. Interesting stuff!


Kids and guns: what do you do when the former reaches for the latter?

If you’re a responsibly armed citizen who happens to have small children, you know that the only two places for your are are a) on your body or b) locked in a secure container of some sort. What if your children try to reach for the gun you’re carrying? At the Limatunes blog, Melody looks at what you should do and, more importantly, how you should prepare for that eventuality.


Some people just invite conflict. Here’s how they do it, and why you shouldn’t.

When dealing with social violence (as opposed to asocial or “resource” violence) what you don’t do is as important as what you do. When dealing with people who come from a violent environment you need to understand what sets them off and, more importantly, why seemingly innocuous things can result in a fist to your jaw — or worse. This is a great article looking at the 5 things you should never to if you want to avoid violence.


Security lighting 101.

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to make your home less attractive to burglars — but where do you start? This article gives you some good, basic planning advice for your lighting set-up. (Locking the outlet box is an idea even I hadn’t thought of.)


The .41 Magnum: the cartridge no one buys, but no one wants to see disappear.

The .41 Magnum hangs on to life because of the almost fanatical devotion of its users — which don’t number all that many. Still, it’s a great cartridge and suitable for many kinds of hunting. It’s also superbly accurate, at least in the guns I’ve shot. Ammoland published an excellent article on the cartridge, and it’s worth reading even if you aren’t a fan!


– Grant Cunningham

Opening photo: “Camelus dromedarius at Tierpark Berlin” by Agadez – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons



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