Your Hump Day Reading List for February 17, 2016

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More goodness for you to peruse! Today we have an article on police response times to 9-1-1 calls; a look at how to prevent “the runs” and why you need to; buying a gun for your wife and why you shouldn’t even go there; Ian McCollum looks at a Mexican autoloading rifle (no, this is not a joke); a newspaper actually presents a good article about the use of deadly force in response to a break-in; avoiding a carjacking; and why “Condition Three” is such a bad idea.


When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

How long can you expect to wait for the police in your neighborhood? It’s probably a good idea to know what the short and long expected times are, and even what may affect officer’s responses to your calls. Take a case reported in Cincinnati, for instance: it took 48 minutes for officers to respond to what was reported as a violent man trying to break into a house. (The police department’s explanation or reasoning isn’t really important to my point, but it’s worth reading anyhow.) What are your plans to deal with a potential violent threat that hasn’t yet risen to the point of justifying the use of lethal force? Do you have hardened your entry points so someone can’t easily enter your home? These are things to consider before you’re forced to wait for a police response that seems to never come.


It’s not a pleasant subject, but diarrhea is dangerous. Here’s how to handle it.

I don’t do a lot of survivalist topics on this blog, largely because most of those topics quickly devolve into outlandish and implausible situations and responses. In this case, though, I’m sharing an article on the “survival” uses of Immodium to prevent diarrhea. Diarrhea can actually become a medical emergency because it’s capable of quickly dehydrating you to the point that hospitalization becomes necessary. Luckily it’s also easy to treat with Immodium, and this article tells you the whys and whens of using the drug. If you’re a traveler this is something you should always carry, and if you live in an area where being stranded away from home is a good possibility it’s even more important. This has far more universal application than you might initially believe!


Would you let your wife pick out your athletic supporter?

I know I’ve harped on this before, but some guys aren’t getting the message: don’t buy your wife, girlfriend, fianceé or significant other a gun! Firearms are a personal thing; let her pick out her own. Here’s an article about why it’s a bad idea, why you’re a great guy for being concerned enough to consider it, but what you should do instead.


Yes, the Mexicans did design firearms — and they were pretty good at it.

It’s a jingoistic tendency to believe that only Americans can design firearms. You’d be surprised how many people I run into who think that autoloading pistols and rifles are a uniquely American invention, when in fact we were a little slow on the take-up in those areas. In fact, our neighbors to the south adopted an autoloading rifle for their military — the Mondragon Model 1908 — decades before we did. Ian McCollum at Forgotten Weapons (who else?) looks at four outstanding examples and variants of the Mondragon.


An interesting article about self defense that starts going in one direction but ends up someplace else.

I recently came across this article in the Albuquerque Journal titled “Self Defense Shootings Spike in Albuquerque”. It starts off by detailing the increase in violent crime in that city (which is in contrast to a general decline in violent crime across the country), but soon switches to an even-handed look at the legalities and practicalities of the use of lethal force, including an explanation of the role of the District Attorney in deciding whether any given case should be prosecuted. For someone new to the topic, or even for some of those who’ve been around for a while, this article serves as a good overall look at defensive shooting. (Note: while the legal information is of course specific to that locale, the general principles hold in most places.)


Do you know how to avoid a carjacking?

Carjackings are common in many cities in the U.S., and even in some of the more rural areas they’re becoming more frequent. Too many gun owners believe they’ll just shoot it out with the bad guy, but how about learning how to prevent them from happening? ITS Tactical recently featured a good article on how to avoid being carjacked in the first place, including when it’s best to just give up the wheels and run. (One of the tips is “avoid Detroit”, which I think can be generically attached to just about any crime-prevention article. Just kidding, Detroit residents…) Definitely a must-read, especially for those family members who aren’t as savvy about personal protection as you are!


Why would you carry an unloaded pistol?

I refuse to use the term “Condition Three”, which is Jeff Cooper’s designation for a pistol that has a full magazine inserted by no round chambered. I think it’s better to use the term “unloaded”, because that’s what it is. It’s also a bad idea when carrying for a possible defensive use. In The Tactical Wire, Rich Grassi looks at the history of this mode of carry and why it’s just not recommended for defensive carry. While aimed at a law enforcement audience, his objections are valid in the private sector as well. If you know someone who is carrying their gun in an unloaded state, share this article with them.

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