Your Hump Day Reading List for Nov. 25, 2015

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, and you know what I’m thankful for? All of the great articles I found this week! We’ve got Greg Ellifritz commenting on a particularly ridiculous gun article; some talk about talking with business owners who ban guns on their premises; Richard Johnson reviews an interesting new pistol caliber carbine; saving money while reloading ammunition; Claude Werner looks at the case of a woman who pulled her gun when she really shouldn’t have; and Ian McCollum has the scoop on a rare and unusual prototype rifle. Bon apétit!


Gun “Experts” and their Idiotic CCW Choices

A recent article on the TACTICAL LIFE website purported to give the concealed carry choices of 18 “experts” — and one would assume that these were experts in concealed carry and defensive shooting, wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong! Greg Ellifritz looks at their choices, their recommendations, and especially at their status as “experts” and gives some great recommendations based on actual knowledge and experience. (My general rule of thumb: the more advertisements a website has, the more likely it is that their information is worthless. The website hosting the original article has a LOT of advertisements.)


How To Talk To Businesses That Ban Guns

Many states allow private businesses to restrict the entry of licensed or legal concealed carriers and back those decisions with the force of law. In other states, there is no specific provision for that, but businesses are still allowed to post “no guns” signs and use standard trespass law against those who do not observe those restrictions. In either case, it’s possible that as someone who carries a concealed handgun you may run across such a business. Most of the reactions that you see online are indignation and confrontation, but neither are a good method to winning over a recalcitrant business owner. In this excellent article at Concealed Nation, the author suggests a more conversational and positive approach. I think it’s worth a try!


Dark Storm Industries DS-9 Review

As you may be aware, I’ve become a huge fan of the pistol caliber carbine as a home defense tool. Why? Light recoil and enhanced precision makes them easy to hit with, even across a large room where a non-dedicated person with a handgun may miss. They’re great as a “pool weapon”, the gun that any qualified member of the household may need to pick up and use on short notice. The problem, as so many people have pointed out, is that there is a definite lack of such guns on the market these days. Richard Johnson at Guns, Holsters & Gear gives an honest evaluation of an intriguing 9mm carbine that uses ubiquitous Glock magazines: the new Dark Storm DS-9. Team this gun up with the reliability of the factory Glock 33-round magazines and you’d have a formidable home defense tool!


Money-Saving Reloading Tips

Yes, I’m one of “those guys”: a reloader. We can be identified in the field by our tendency to pick up everyone else’s brass at the range or a class, cackling maniacally at the fact that people actually throw that valuable stuff away. (We’re also known as “brass scrounges” and “nutcases”. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but name-calling just makes us more determined!) If you’re just getting into this obsession (um, I mean “hobby”) you’ll like this article from Shooting Times about saving money on your reloading activities.


Friday Fundamentals – Boundaries

Claude Werner and I think a lot a like and he often beats me to the punch on a breaking story. You may have heard about the woman who pulled her gun on a man who asked her for a cigarette; it made national news, and not in a good way. In this great article at his Tactical Professor site, Claude dissects the incident (as we know it) and looks at what she did wrong and how she could have handled the situation better. Along the way he examines the ideas of perception and boundary setting. If you read only one article from this week’s List, make it this one.


White Toggle-Locked .30-06 Prototype Rifle

Leave it to Ian at Forgotten Weapons: not only does he find rare pieces I’ve only seen in books, he finds even rare pieces that I didn’t even know existed! This time it’s the White toggle-action rifle, a design which was submitted to the military for consideration in 1930. The U.S. Army didn’t even bother testing it, but the Brits did — and found it not rugged enough for issue. Still, it’s an interesting design and Ian gives his usual informed commentary on a gun you won’t likely see again!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

– Grant Cunningham



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