Your Hump Day Reading List for Nov. 18, 2015

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What a week it’s been since our last Hump Day! The attacks in Paris have been front page news since they happened, and Greg Ellifritz has some advice on such matters; the attacks will no doubt affect our own country’s election process, and Short Barrel Shepherd gives us some things to think about; my latest article on the Personal Defense Network blog has been posted; some very interesting information on the Soviet Stechkin pistol; some information about hearing protection; and Guns, Holsters & Gear has an article on a new pistol that uses an old and perhaps familiar name: Schmeisser.


The French Terrorist Attacks

The terrorist attacks in France last week, which to date have killed 129 people, have had people talking non-stop. Of course many of these fall along political lines: gun prohibitionists calling for even more stringent gun control (despite the failure of extremely strict firearms laws in France), while those on our side of the fence saying equally nonsensical things like “someone with a CCW could have stopped them in their tracks!” Amongst all the rhetoric, Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training refreshingly presents  some of his past articles that will give you solid information about how to react if you find yourself in such an incident — with or without your sidearm. It’s not just a matter of carrying a gun; you have to know what to do, and most importantly why, if you’re going to be a survivor. Important reality-check reading.


Preparing For An Election Year

Election season is already in full swing, with a big group of Republicans battling it out for the title of “Least Objectionable” while the Democrats are trying to figure out how they got themselves into a shortage of likable candidates. In the meantime, gun owners need to be prepared for whatever happens; remember last time? Short Barrel Shepherd has a good guide to the timelines, some of the things that might happen, and how you might prepare to weather the coming electoral storm.


Equipment Races And The Defensive Shooting Instructor

I’ve noticed an equipment race in classes lately; everyone is trying to out-do everyone else, often imitating the gear they’ve seen others wear. Unfortunately the instructors often aid and abet this nonsense, and in my latest blog entry at the Personal Defense Network I take on the growing trend of Equipment Races And The Defensive Shooting Instructor. Why do you even need to worry, and what should you do to avoid it?


The APS Stechkin: From Sidearm To Spetsnaz

The machine pistol is an interesting item; though famous among gun enthusiasts they’ve had little application and very few have seen widespread adoption. The Stechkin is one of (perhaps the only) exception, but spent the majority of its Cold War life shrouded in secrecy. Since the demise of the Soviet Union we’ve learned a lot about the little “bullet hose”, and Nathaniel at The Firearms Blog has a great article with a bunch of good pictures. If fully automatic pistols have ever intrigued you, you’ll want to read his article.


How To Protect Your Hearing When Shooting

I suffer from some degree of hearing loss; though mostly not from firearms (I religiously wear hearing protection while shooting), hearing loss is hearing loss — and since it’s cumulative and irreversible, you should do everything you can to avoid it! This article at Weapon Blog has some good basic information on how it happens, what the symptoms are, and how to avoid it. You think everyone would know this these days, but I still see people shooting without hearing protection; don’t be That Guy!


Schmeisser SLP-9

The name Schmeisser may be familiar to you; Louis and his son Hugo were well-known arms designers in Europe during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The name is most famous from its attachment to the German MP 38 and MP 40 submachine guns of WWII, though Schmeisser’s role was limited to designing the box magazine they used. He was, however, the designer of the MP 43, which became the MP 44 — widely considered the first true “assault rifle”. Their esteemed name has been resurrected by a new company in Germany, Schmeisser GmbH, and they’ve produced a new polymer-framed pistol: the SLP-9. Richard Johnson at Guns, Holsters & Gear saw the new pistol at the NASGW Show in October, and has a write-up.

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