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This is really a “Hump Day” for me — it’s been a hectic week! Not so hectic that I didn’t collect a few things for your reading enjoyment, however: Ian McCollum has a video about one of the very rarest Colt/Browning pistols, the Model 1909; Greg Ellifritz takes a different view of an active killer response; some myths about women and concealed carry; a high-tech way you might be helping people to break into your own home; some frank talk about kids and guns; Rob Pincus on carrying an empty chamber; and Richard Johnson brings news back from the NASGW show. If you can’t find something interesting in this batch, I’ll eat my hat!


Colt Model 1909 Automatic

The Colt/Browning Model 1909 is one of the guns that lead up to the design of the famed Model 1911 pistol, and I believe it’s also the rarest: only 23 were made and not all of those survived to the present day. To say that it’s a desirable gun is a massive understatement, and with less than 23 running around you and I are not likely to ever get our hands on one. Ian McCollum at Forgotten Weapons isn’t just anyone, of course, and he managed to snag one long enough to make a very thorough video comparing the very last Model 1909 made with both earlier and later iterations. Of course he takes it apart, too! If you’re a 1911 fan this is a video you can’t miss.


“Run, Hide, Fight?”- Not Always the Best Active Killer Response

The current recommendation for dealing with an active killer is some variation of “Run, Hide, Fight”: get away if you can, barricade if you can’t, defend if you have to. The issue with this line of thinking is that it’s getting watered down when presented to the public, and what is a viable response strategy might turn into nothing better than the old “duck and cover” or “hide and hope” mantra. In this article, Greg Ellifrtiz at Active Response Training looks at Run-Hide-Fight and gives some very important explanations of the pros and cons of each. This is the information that’s missing from most of what’s being released to the general public!


Stupid Concealed Carry Myths About Women

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: men, taken as a group, really don’t have a clue about women and concealed carry. Not all men, of course, and not all the time, but enough and often enough that it’s a solid rule of thumb. From “what the lil’ lady needs is a snubnose revolver” (my personal pet peeve, as you may know) to telling women they just need to “dress around the gun”, we’re not doing them any great favors AND we’re not helping them stay safer. In this article from Ammoland, Sarah Carling talks about some of the persistent myths about women and defensive firearms and what the truth really is. (She doesn’t like the revolver myth, either — good for her!)


Pocket Dump: Could Your EDC Photo Allow Criminals to Break Into Your Home?

Did you see the article a few months back about the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) problem with master keys? Seems someone from the TSA unthinkingly posted a picture online of a group of TSA master keys — the supposedly secure keys they can use to gain entrance to a TSA-approved lock and into your luggage. Well, that picture allowed hackers to reproduce those keys and rendering TSA locks instantly insecure. Well, as it happens the same thing can be done with house keys that you inadvertently photograph and put online — as lots of people do when they take pictures of their “pocket dump”, a popular pastime on social media. In this article at the ITS blog, Rob Henderson takes a photo of a house key and successfully uses it make a real key to open a real lock. It’s not rocket science, and while the risk is low it’s still a caution for everyone to think about what they post online.


Kids and Guns: Why the Training Never Ends

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have children — and after reading this article by Beth Alcazar, I’m sure glad I don’t: raising them sounds like a lot of work!  As she points out, children are always learning and mimicking what they see. This makes your own attention to gun safety doubly important, because if they see you relax your guard they may do the same. The results can be tragic. Great food for thought for those of you with young kids!


2015 NASGW Show recap

The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Annual Expo & Meeting concluded a week or so ago. The NASGW show is where companies show off next year’s products directly to the buyers from companies that will sell those items, and it’s a more exclusive event than even the annual SHOT Show. Because of that exclusivity, more companies are choosing to introduce new products at NASGW and get a leg up on their competitors who wait until January to announce at SHOT Show. Richard Johnson at Guns, Holsters and Gear manages to get into the NASGW every year and report on the latest introductions, and his 2015 recap is up to whet your appetite for what’s coming next year!


Empty Chamber Carry

Over on the Personal Defense Network blog, Rob Pincus has posted a short article about a recently viral video where several Israeli police officers were stabbed by an assailant while trying to get their empty-chamber guns into action. Rob also posted one of his videos, where he explores the practice of empty chamber carry and why it’s a bad idea. If you have friends who carry with an empty chamber and rationalize their bad choice, this is an article you need to share with them!

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