Your Weekly (More Or Less) Hump Day Reading List for October 14, 2015

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Happy Hump Day! I’ve decided to move the “Weekender” to Wednesdays in the hopes that it will help ease you over the hump and get you to Friday unscathed!

Here are some things I’ve found recently that I think you can make use of: what we can learn from the Umpqua Community College killings; a new ruling about self defense versus your employer’s policies; a young girl who defied stereotypes; a prominent activist perpetuates the stereotype that the young girl smashed; and how to use your gun when a loved one is trapped by a criminal assailant.

As always, please let me know what YOU think about any of these articles in the comments; did you find them useful, enlightening, boring, or just plain annoying? Sound off!


“Don’t Let What you Can’t Do Interfere with What you Can Do”

As you might recall, I write articles for the Personal Defense Network as well as contributing to their blog. I wrote this piece in the aftermath of the horrible mass murder at Umpqua College here in Oregon; in it, I point out that it’s the resolute defender, regardless of weapon, that stops bad guys — and how you can be that resolute person.


Company policy doesn’t trump the right to self defense

Good news for self defense rights! in a case out of Utah, their Supreme Court recently held that an employee cannot be fired for protecting him/herself against a lethal threat even if company policy requires de-escalation or withdrawal. This is an important victory for Utah residents, and though the decision holds no weight beyond that state’s borders I hope this is a harbinger of the future.


Good for her!

A 12-year-old Wichita girl recently defended herself against a couple of home intruders and sent them running. I’m glad she did, and I’m glad she had the training and the force of will to prevail in that incident. I also wish, however, that she hadn’t blithely opened the door without checking first! (Oh, and the standard police line that children should yell “help!” rather than fighting back is ridiculous on its face. Teaching kids how to defend themselves is an important part of their growth into self-reliant adults.)


Women too weak to defend themselves?

Unless you’re 12, apparently! Leah Barrett, who is an anti-gun activist in New York, recently said (and I’m paraphrasing) that women are too weak to defend themselves, therefore they shouldn’t use a firearm to do so. The whole point of the personal defensive firearm, Ms. Barrett, is that it gives the person of lesser strength the ability to resist the criminal wills of those with greater strength. It is a tool to equalize abilities and to give the weaker person an even hand in an attack. I would not want to deprive anyone of having that choice, particularly those whose physical condition precludes them from other defensive tactics.


Rescuing a family member

If our 12-year-old hadn’t been able to fight off her attackers, and it was left to one of her family to defend her, how would they best go about it? Greg Ellifritz has one answer: learning about contact-distance rescue shooting. As always, Hollywood gives us a very bad blueprint in using a firearm to defend someone else who is in physical contact with their assailant, but Greg shows how to do it properly. Definitely something to read and consider.

That’s it for this week’s Hump Day Reading List. On Friday I’ll return with yet another thrilling blog article, so stay tuned!

– Grant Cunningham


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