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Another Wednesday, another batch of interesting articles for you to read! On today’s episode: I appear on The RoadGunner Podcast to talk about lever action rifles; Greg Ellifritz dissects a violent purse snatching; shooting a gun from a “man purse”; Julie Loeffler talks about other women’s reactions to your gun; and The Handgun World Podcast talks about revolvers and gun-owning doctors. Let’s get started!


Lever Lovin’

I recently appeared on The RoadGunner Podcast with “The Un-Named Trucker” (quite possibly the worst-kept identity in the industry, being the nom de plume of Chaz Murray — stalking me in the above photo) and the man behind the Weer’d World blog, Mr. Weer’d Beard himself. We talked about the lever action rifle, quite a bit of history (Chaz seemed reluctant to talk about Marlins and instead focused on Winchester, much to my dismay!) and even some of the currently available lever actions. As you know, I’m a fan of the lever-action carbine as a home or perimeter defense tool and rarely  miss a chance to talk about them. If you like lever actions too, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.


A purse snatching caught on video

At Active Response Training, Greg Ellifritz got his hands on an LAPD video of a violent purse snatching and evaluates the incident. There’s a long set-up as the crook decides on his target and waits for the perfect opportunity to strike, and does so very rapidly and very violently. For a lot of women, this is going to be a shocking video — as it well should be. Defending against this level of violence takes some specific skills and a specific frame of mind, and Ellifritz pulls no punches in his assessment and challenge to his female readers. (Frankly, with the proliferation of “man purses” the gentlemen in the audience would be well advised to watch, read and learn too!)


Shooting a gun from a “man purse”

How’s that for a segue? I see lots of guys on the various forums (particularly those whose topics are “everyday carry”, or EDC) who carry their defensive firearm in a bag or backpack. I’ve written about off-body carry and the risks, but what if you decide to actually shoot from the bag — with the gun still in it? Jon Hodoway does some testing and finds out that it really doesn’t work very well unless you have a revolver. Yet another reason off-body carry has to be considered only with a great deal of caution!


But what will your friends say?

In an article over at the Personal Defense Network, Julie Loeffler continues her series on Women & Shooting by examining the reactions women gun owners are likely to get from friends and colleagues. She looks at the societal pressures against women who own guns and how the individual should approach push-back, then offers suggestions on how to handle both innocent inquiries and open hostility from others. These are things men don’t generally need to deal with (or simply don’t worry about), but for women they can be a powerful dis-incentive to firearms ownership. A great article about a seldom discussed topic.


Doctors who own guns — do they really exist?

Yes, they do, and Dr. John Edeen recently appeared on the Handgun World Podcast to talk about them. Dr. Edeen was a student in a revolver class I taught earlier in the year, and he’s also a prime mover in the Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership organization. In this podcast Dr. Edeen talks about revolvers (of course) but also quite a bit about DRGO and how they’re working to bring fact and science to an often emotional debate. Along the way they talk about a wide variety of related topics; it’s an enjoyable listen!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

– Grant Cunningham

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