While some states are losing, others are winning the RKBA battle!

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Washington State lost in the last Second Amendment skirmish — but in places like Virginia, thinks are going along quite nicely, thank you!

I frankly get very burned out very quickly on Second Amendment issues. Not that I don’t think they’re important, simply that the seemingly never-ending onslaught wears me down.Last year, for instance, our neighbor to the north fought hard against a Michael Bloomberg-funded proposal to enact the most draconian restrictions on private firearms sales that exist in this country. Even those gun owners who are comfortable with background checks for private sales, and who supported the bill, now realize their mistake: in Washington State, it’s now illegal for you to hand your friend that new gun you bought so that he can try the trigger. Yes, it’s just that silly.

In my own state of Oregon, we’ve learned that the Bloomberg machine has targeted our Legislature for pressure to enact the same sorts of regulations. We might win, we might lose, but we’ll certainly fight it hard — because if it gets past our elected representatives, our Governor will sign it without hesitation. The next states will then face a harder fight; momentum in these kinds of issues is a real (and dangerous) thing.

It’s with some relief, then, that I read about the current situation in Virginia. Seems that Governor Terry McAuliffe had a pet bill that he put to their Legislature, limiting gun purchases to one a month (which to me is a goal, not a limitation, but I digress) and clamping down on private sales at gun shows — among other gun-grabber things.

The Legislature, though, had a different take on gun control: they said no, then proposed their own bill that would allow Virginia residents to obtain a lifetime concealed carry permit.

Good going, Virginia! I’d like to say I hope your counterparts in Oregon will do the same thing, but I’m not holding my breath. We may have to take care of our problems the same way Colorado did!

-=[ Grant Cunningham ]=-