Here’s a quiz: what guns do the police seize most often?

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Police evidence lockers are full of guns that have been seized; either they’ve been used in a crime or they were recovered as part of a related crime investigation. What are the most common guns found in these lockers?

I remember the days when the local police departments would get together, gather all of their seized firearms (those which they couldn’t trace to a rightful owner) and auction them off at the local fairgrounds. They’d have dealers on hand to handle the paperwork (for a fee, of course) for those individuals who chose to bid. That practice stopped a number of years ago due to outcry from the anti-gun activists, but still goes on in some parts of the country. I miss those auctions, as they were an opportunity to see a cross-section of the guns that are most commonly found with criminals — it wasn’t always what you might expect!

Most of those guns were stolen, while a smaller percentage were acquired through other means (straw purchases, most typically.) In both cases the guns tended to be of lower value (whose owners are not of the type that would bother with safes) or guns that were common 50 years ago — and subsequently found in their elderly owner’s nightstand drawers and propped up behind the door in the garage.

Of course you’d find the occasional gem; I remember one dealer who bid on every Colt revolver he found there, and won most of them, while another snapped up the occasional Luger which graced the tables. Still, though, what you found were unremarkable and I suspect a lot of them ended up being scrapped.

As I said that was a few years ago. Okay, it was more than a couple of decades ago! I’m not up on what guns are common in police lockers today, but recently Iraqveteran8888 did an interesting video on this very topic.

(Yeah, I know, the unsafe gunhandling makes me cringe too…)

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