Not going to the 2015 SHOT Show? Don’t worry!

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Every January the entire shooting industry gets together for the biggest trade show (and party) of the year: the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show, for short.) How can you keep up with the all the great news?

People in the gun world talk about SHOT Show like it’s Mecca: everyone wants to go someday! It’s a place to see and fondle all of the guns you wish you had in your own safe. SHOT Show, however, is officially open only to people in the business; you pretty much need an FFL, or work for one, to attend. (There are other routes, of course. Police can attend, and there are slots for certain military personnel, and of course “the media” can get in, but the average Joe can’t.)While some people call it “the biggest gun show” in the country, it’s really not. You can’t buy anything at SHOT — it’s a business event for manufacturers and distributors to try to convince dealers to carry their wares.

Of course it’s also a huge media event! Many manufacturers introduce new products at SHOT, and there’s even a media-only day at the range to play with some of those new toys. Because media plays such a big role (and there are roughly 1500 media people covering the show) you can find a ton of coverage on the ‘net!

One of the best places is the Guns, Holsters & Gear website run by Richard Johnson. If the name seems familiar, it’s probably because he’s one of the most prolific writers over at Harris Publications — publishers of some of the widest circulation gun magazines. He’s at SHOT Show covering the event, and you can get his updates at this link.

He’s already got a ton of information up, with a lot more to come. Be sure to check back often for his news!

-=[ Grant Cunningham ]=-