Debunking the idea that gun ownership results in more murders.

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The media likes to report that the United States has the highest gun ownership rate and consequently the highest murder rate in the developed world. Does it?
Piers Morgan. Just mentioning the name causes gun owners to grit their teeth, as well it should. The smarmy, egocentric British expatriate (largely because his own countrymen couldn’t stand him and sent him packing) is fond of saying that America’s firearm-involved murder rate is much higher than the rest of the world, and it’s because we own so many guns. He’s not the only person who believes that, either.

The root of Mr. Morgan’s belief stems from a comparison of homicides to the number of guns owned as reported in the United Nation’s Small Arms Survey. When you combine the two you find that where people own lots of guns, more people get shot. Since the citizens of the U.S. own more guns than anyone else, and lots of people get shot here, that seems to prove the argument.

As it happens, it’s not true. In fact, when you look objectively at the data you discover that gun ownership and gun possession are two different things. When you correct for gun possession, not ownership, it turns out that our homicide rate compared to the rest of the world is actually pretty darned good: below the median, and well under the mean.

John Lott at the Crime Prevention Research Center recently wrote a very good, comprehensive article about the data, how it’s collected and how it’s used. It’s a little involved as it deals with statistical analysis but I believe it’s worth your time to read and digest.

It will give you solid information to refute the Piers Morgans you run into during the course of your life!

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