Wouldn’t you love to have this fully-loaded sidecar rig in your garage?

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The other day Ed Harris sent me some pictures he made on a trip to Italy a few years ago. I looked at them and thought “wow, what a great museum restoration that is!”

Then he explained that it wasn’t in a museum.

Ed Harris, as regular readers will know, is a firearms industry veteran with shooting friends in many parts of the globe. A couple of years back he took an extended trip to Italy and, as he seems to do wherever he goes, visited lots of places with lots of guns.

One such place (which will remain unspecified for what should be obvious reasons) had a very interesting piece of history.



Yes, that is a Zundapp KS750. Yes, that is an MG34. No, according to Ed, it is not a dewat or a semi-auto; it is live and ready to go!

Ed tells me that the pragmatic Italians waste nothing, and many small-town Carabinieri (police) still have World War II vintage German hardware in their inventory – which they keep to control local access points if needed. Ed says that typical armory would have a couple of tripod mounted MG34s (with many spare barrels and cases of ammo) plus a couple of SMGs with a half-dozen mags. With ammunition, of course.

Apparently this particular town hit the jackpot with the fully equipped Zundapp (right down to a new-looking linking machine for the MG.) I don’t know what this whole package would be worth in this country, but I’ll admit no small amount of envy!

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