Those crazy Belgian gun designers!

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Know what this is?

(Photo courtesy of Ian McCollum)

Let’s just say that it’s for one of the oddest pseudo-machine guns the French army ever bought. And *that* is saying something.

Before mankind perfected the automatic firearm (also known as the machine gun) there were a bunch of attempts to make a gun that would fire more than one round before needing to be reloaded. The faster it could fire them, armies around the world thought, the better it would be!

This led to all kinds of interesting and downright weird inventions, but one of my favorite oddities is the Mitrailleuse. It’s…it’s…well, the French liked it. That should be sufficient to pique your interest!

Once again Ian over at Forgotten Weapons brings us the whole story, complete with superb photos. If you’re into odd guns, this is one you have got to see!

Couple of interesting points: first is the obvious quality of workmanship. The manufacturing precision is superb, and you should take a hard look at Ian’s pictures to see what a talented machinist could do before the days of CNC.

Second is whether or not one of these could be reproduced in this country with the blessing of the ATF. Since technically each round is fired individually through the direct action of the firer, there might be a case to be made that it isn’t an automatic weapon and thus not subject to the restrictions on such such arms. I am not a lawyer nor do I care to wade through the appropriate case law to find out, but it’s an interesting (if wholly academic) question.

Be sure to pop over to Forgotten Weapons and have a look!

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