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Some last-minute holiday blogging: be safe at Christmas!

Some last-minute holiday blogging: be safe at Christmas!

I know that everyone is probably more interested in getting their shopping done than reading a blog this week, so I’m not going to lay anything heavy on you today. (I’m also not going to bother writing a blog on Wednesday, when I suspect most people are opening presents, attending services, or visiting relatives.)

A lot of you might be giving the gift of a firearm this year. (If you’re considering doing so, but haven’t yet made the trek to your local gun emporium, read this great article on Massad Ayoob’s blog.) If there’s going to be a gun under your tree, make sure that everyone around — some of whom may not be gun folk but might be inclined to handle the new “toy” — heed the rules of gun safety:

  • Always keep the gun pointed in a generally safe direction (one in which, should it happen to fire, no one will be injured.)
  • Always keep your finger outside of the trigger guard (preferably on the frame above the trigger.)
  • Always remember you’re handling a tool that, if used negligently, has the capability of killing you or someone else.

These are especially important if there are children around! Adults who handle guns with abandon teach the kids in the vicinity that it’s acceptable for them to handle them just as cavalierly. Make sure that your gun handing this Christmas is impeccable, and accept no less from your family and all guests.

Finally, remember: when the alcohol gets poured, the guns get locked away. Have a good and safe Christmas, and we’ll see you back here on Friday for the last Surprise of the year!

-=[ Grant ]=-

  • Posted by Grant Cunningham
  • On December 23, 2013

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