Ruger announces two new revolvers!

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Just in time for SHOT Show 2014 next month, Ruger has added a couple of new revolvers to the line.

First is a version of their 5-shot polymer revolver called the LCRx. The LCRx is, like the original LCR, chambered for the .38 Special +P. It differs from the original in having a hammer spur (the LCR has a hidden hammer, similar to the S&W ‘Centennial’ series.)

I realize they’re simply supplying market demand, and I have no doubt some segment of the market demands small pocket guns that can be cocked, but if you’ve been around here for any length of time (or read my books) you’re probably already aware that I’m not a fan of cocking a double action revolver during a defensive encounter. Still, I’m sure they’ll sell a ton of them because there are a lot of uneducated shooters out there who truly believe it’s necessary to have single action capability on a pocket gun. (It’s a particular shame given the quality of the LCR’s double action lockwork; if there was a compact revolver that didn’t need single action, it would be the LCR!)

The second revolver is a re-work of the GP100 called the “Match Champion”. I’m not sure exactly what match they expect it to be the champion of, but it’s a nice looking gun.


The barrel is slab-sided and partially lugged, and the cylinder has been contoured a bit compared to a stock GP. Rumor has it that the chambers are chamfered, and Ruger claims the action has been “tuned”. The execrable Hogue grip is now a wood model which at least has had its finger grooves removed. (Why Ruger continues to buy Hogue grips when the GP previously sported some of the best factory grips seen on a double action revolver is a source of continual puzzlement.)

It has the Novak dovetailed rear sight first seen on the Wiley Clapp edition (complete with the traditional Novak unnecessary backwards slope) along with a fiber optic front sight.

This is pretty obviously aimed at the IDPA Stock Service Revolver (SSR) class, as evidenced by the 4.2” barrel — the exact maximum length specified in the rule book. (It may also fit into the rules for the USPSA revolver division, but I don’t pretend to know what they are. If I ever meet anyone who actually shoots in USPSA revolver class, I’ll be sure to ask. I may be waiting a while!) The lack of adjustable sights and the stock fiber optic front blade limit its appeal for precision events like Bianchi Cup events, so the Match Champion moniker is perhaps slightly overblown; still, it’s nice to see Ruger take revolver shooters in the IDPA seriously, and I hope it increases the number of GP100s in that sport.

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